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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

2nd Molar Part III and The Flu

Eulla's 3rd 2nd molar (upper right side) started coming out Saturday. She had a slight fever Friday night and we knew, she was teething again. We went out Saturday afternoon with family and friends. I didn't get to bring my camera (that's a first!)
Anyways, it was raining Saturday and maybe Eulla caught her cold and cough then. So ever since Saturday, we have been dealing with a very moody baby girl. And the worse, it was so windy yesterday and I think I caught a cold from yesterday's trip to the mall. I am definitely at loss of energy to chase around and please a toddlers needs so I opened up a coloring book for Eulla so we can burn some time while I was resting in bed. Eulla is a lot better now and unfortunately, I am just beginning to feel crappy.

Eulla coloring Eulla's masterpice for you, Uncle Jun because the dude she colored is a surfer

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posted by Eubelle at 4:42 PM


nice desk, eulla! glad she's feeling better. now it's your turn. =P i hate getting sick too!

5:13 PM  

thanks tita char!

its hard getting sick because eulla can be demanding at times when i'd rather lay in bed. she likes to have her exercise time and im out of breath lately :(

9:06 AM  

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