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Monday, January 07, 2008

Deceptively Delicious

Yes, Eulla needs some straightening out when it comes to eating some junk food because "the mom" is definitely a junk food addict! When Eumir is around, Eulla gets proper nutrition from drinking water and not eating too many sweets (he does give in from time to time when Eulla gives him her pucker up face) but its getting harder to control when she knows where my secret cupboard for all my sweets are at.

I've been meaning to buy several books that sneaks veggies into really yummy snacks like brownies with hidden spinach or mac and cheese with cauliflower without harming the yummy taste since I read Charmaine's blog.

Anyways, this is the perfect timing because Eulla needs more fiber in her diet. So since the series of storm has finally died down in Southern Cali, Eulla and I decided to bravely go outside the house and go to Borders which happened to be in Northridge Mall.

I promised Eulla that if she behaves while we were in the bookstore, we would drop by at the Disney Store and get her ONE simple toy...ONE, UNO, ISA!
Eulla saw Remy from Ratatouille and dragged him all the way to the cashier but since she already got a fairy doll, I strictly said NO. By the time we get home, she wouldn't even notice him. Im glad I didnt get carried away with the cuteness of this soft hugable Remy.

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posted by Eubelle at 5:17 PM


tell me how the book is. i was gonna try it out too, but i still haven't bought one. =P

hahaha...funny how they looove the disney store. maddie's content just looking at the stuff. Ü

5:14 PM  

i have to tell eulla to say bye bye to the dolls and toys but for some reason, she cried a little this time. i guess since she's sick she thinks she can get away with it ;) smart a** hehehe

9:08 AM  

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