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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Eulla's Little Leaps

It's the beginning of the year and while Eumir and I relax from all the occasions and just relax at home, we set up Eulla's Christmas gift so instead if watching DVD's, she can engage in a learning game.

Linking the little leaps with the DVD player
I love it because it's wireless. No worries with Eulla tripping over the cords
Ehem, yes Daddy...pinaparinigan kita with the wires on your playstation!!! Keep it clear for your baby girl please! Eulla playing her little leaps

To my sisters & brother:
Tita Nina, Tita Florizel, Ninong Jun
If you get a sudden urge in buying Eulla anything at all, please go through the list of games this little leaps may have hihihi!


posted by Eubelle at 6:48 PM


bet she's having fun! =P i was thinking of getting something like that, but i want one that's for 36+ months. maddie's gonna be 3 already this year. =P

11:18 AM  

we got it for her during thanksgiving (that's when i start my christmas list). i ended up buying 2 leapfrog - this one and one that's for 4 yrs-7yrs old but i returned it after christmas because i figured its too early to get but since i get distracted by sales easily, i bought it without thinking. hahaha!

6:39 PM  

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