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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quick Get Away

Its a Sunday afternoon and usually, we make it to a point where we try to stay home because Eumir watches his football games even if is recorded in our DVR. That is why we try to do everything we need to do every Friday afternoon after Eumir's and Saturday. BUT with a capital B-U-T, since it is so great to go shopping right after the holidays, we decided to make a quick run to the mall. I dont usually like going to Northridge Mall but since one of our favorite store is closed at Topanga Mall, we decided to go to Northridge.
We have been going to Abercrombie & Fitch ever since Eumir got here to the states. We cant seem to get over this store even if their clothes just rotates in several colors. Eumir had to get some new work clothes from there. We then passed by the stores in mind but just had no luck in pleasing my dear husbands taste.
We also ended up renting a stroller-car (which had my baby girl thrilled) because we ended up bringing Eumir's Honda and oopppps, we forgot to get the stroller from the SUV. It was better though. It gave Eulla few hours of fun while Eumir and I argued our way into getting the stuff we needed. Im saying argued because I always, ALWAYS, try to convince him into getting what I like on him and what I think will look great on him. He just tries to argue his way out of it because my love likes to remind me of our goal this year and that is to SAVE UP and have more control over shopping.


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