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Friday, February 29, 2008

While Daddy was out

Daddy Eumir made a couple of dates with his friends for lunch and dinner today. For lunch, he went out with 5 of his pals from Sikand to Sherman Oaks. And at night, he went out with 4 his friends from Hunsaker to Max's Restaurant at Glendale.
We immediately made plans for me and Eulla to go to my parents house while Eumir was out. Around 2PM, Eumir was home from his luncheon. After resting for a couple of hours, the three of us went out to buy some stuff. We went to Vitamin World to get my vitamin supplement and since it was near by Jamba Juice, we went there and bought Eulla her fresh fruit shake. Then, Daddy Eumir dropped us off to Sylmar.
Eulla and I had dinner with my parents. Eulla played around their house while we waited for Daddy to come for us.
Eulla playing at Dad and Mom's House
credits: lynnie smith youniquephotos


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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dad & Mom's 34th Anniversary

Today is my parents 34th wedding anniversary. The three of us loved Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill so much from Valentines that we decided to bring Dad and Mom there to celebrate. My sisters agreed as well.
Around 7PM, we all met at the restaurant. We had to wait for a little while because according to the manager, they're not allowed to reserve seats for dinner as it is first come first serve. But, all I can say was, it was worth the wait. The food was amazing as usual.
While we waited, we took several pictures at the lobby.
After 10 minutes they called out my name and everyone headed to our table. There was 9 of us including the kids. Jun our brother is at Virginia because that is where he is based with the Army but he sent his love to everyone before we left for the restaurant.
To make things simple, we all decided to order each a whole rack of baby back ribs since it was in their award winning menu. We just added some salads and appetizer. After dinner, the kids decided to run around the table and play. They we're getting pretty loud so we decided to ask for boxes for our leftovers and went outside so that the kids can continue on with their game. We stayed outside the for at least 30 minutes. Eulla ran around with Bernard while everyone watch them. I had to be the bad guy and stop their fun because it was getting chilly outside. I promised Eulla that she can play with her cousin in the weekend.
Please visit our album for more pictures. Click HERE.


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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Back To Pinoy Our Ways

My Love and I looked at each other around 11am and smiled at each other. After, we both asked, "what are we having for lunch?". That just mean that we are both craving for something that cannot be found/cooked in our home sweet home. I said, "Jollibee!" and without any arguments, my loved agreed.
So then we added it into our schedule and tapped it to the beginning of our list on the iPod touch. Yep, I am definitely making his gift worth it. The last iPod he gave me the pictures were just updated twice and then was just used for music in our car.
credits: princess shabby stripped paper

So after eating our lunch at Jollibee, we went to do our grocery shopping at Island Pacific. Since we bought some perishable stuff, we decided to drop off the groceries at home. Then we went to the library to return a book I got for Eulla. We stayed there for a while because Eumir wanted to borrow some books while Eulla and I browsed their children DVD's. We ended up borrowing a lot of books and 3 Disney movies. We had plans to drop by my parents house but we ended up going home because 1) Eulla was already sleepy/cranky and 2) my parents just left for palmdale.

credit: princess shabby sweet sprinkles


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Monday, February 18, 2008

A 3.5 Weekend

It was supposedly a four day weekend but Daddy Eumir needed to finish up a project at work Friday morning. Being a responsible guy that he is, he went to work half day then went home (usual Friday schedule). We had so many things planned out for the weekend but had a change of heart when Eumir and I sat on the couch and just talk about old times. We just felt like unwinding and relaxing. We haven't had a weekend or at least a day of just being at home. So, we just stayed home the rest of Friday afternoon.
Saturday, we went to my orthodontist at Alhambra. After, we went to the mall to get another designer jeans I've been looking for (Thanks Tintin for the info. That was such a good find!) Now, I just need to look for the Tori Burch Reva Flats and I promise, I will start not thinking of what to get next. Love, totoo na to! Then we went to Manila Sunset to get some bibinka, mais con yielo, tokwa & baboy and aroz caldo to bring to Mom and Dad's house.
Eulla performed her dance and sing a long infront of Mom and Dad and as usual, they were thrilled to see their pretty grand daughter. We stayed there till 7nish then went to Island Pacific to do some grocery shopping, then home.
Sunday, we did some cleaning & laundry but bummed around most of the time. We watched some of our recorded HOUSE on the DVR and my TFC soap opera. Eumir and I played one of our boardgames while Eulla thought that she was playing along with us. Then the Sunday felt like it was over so soon.
Eulla tossing coins in the fountain
Monday, we went to the mall. We went to several shoe stores because we are looking for converse for the three of us. We had no luck because Daddy Eumir seemed like he was looking for a pair of converse that I didnt know existed. We also shopped for some spring clothes for Eulla. After the mall, we went to COSTCO for Eulla's soy milk, pull ups and some of the necessity in bulk. After, it was home sweet home because it was way past Eulla's nap.

Daddy Eumir bought Eulla a football because she wouldn't let go of it at Old Navy. Being a football fan that he is, he didn't even refuse, hmp!

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines Everyone!
Please visit our album at multiply for more pictures.


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Where it all started

It's Valentine's Day and all I can say is that this is a very special day for both me and my love. This is the day where it all began. It goes all the way back 10 years ago. The day where we both knew, it was love! I won't go into details but a decade ago, we had our CE-ENSE Day at Splash Mountain. That is where we found out that we have so many things in common and many things not much in common which compliments the both of us to make a couple be as one. I even still have the stub from that day. Can you tell Im very sentimental teeheee Sorry guys, there was no "couple" picture taken. What do you expect!?! But I leave you with a group picture ;)
That is why we decided to celebrate this year out of the comfort of our home and with our little special someone...Eulla. I'll be back to post pictures of our Valentine dinner.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

2nd Molar Part IV

Yesterday, Eulla has been extra clingy. She has not gone poop either. I figured that is why she is partly cranky. She sat in her potty for 20 minutes trying to push her poop out but there was no luck. Daddy was getting frustrated and so was I.
We we're wondering why Eulla is being such a cry baby. She doesnt really cry this much. Then it finally hit us. We checked her gums and we saw her 2nd molar on the upper left side. It is finally cutting her gums. Once we saw it, Eumir gave Eulla a hug and said everything was going to be fine and gave her some teething tablet. A few minutes after giving her the tablets, Eulla started dancing around and felt more jolly. Thank goodness for the teething tablet.
So at the age of 27 months, she has complete set of teeth. We will try our best to take good care of it! The next thing we just have to think about is how to explain to her that there are toothfaries. But that's not until she turn 5 or 6 *wink*

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

27 Months

Eulla is 27 months today. Lately, she has been babbling more words that we dont understand (still takes some time for me and Daddy to figure out). She is definitely talking more now. She found new words to express herself more so she doesnt get frustrated when she wants something from us. She knows how to say Thank you (ahtom - dont ask me why), Sorry (sowee) and Please (peees with hands clasp together). She finally got to master how to call me. Its either mama or mom. Yes, it only began lately because she's used to hearing Daddy call me Love.
She has also been pooping in the potty. She just lets us know that she needs to go poopoo so that we can help her take off her pull ups and help her sit in her potty. That is such a big milestone.
We didnt really get to celebrate her monthsary because we had an appointment with our accountant to get our taxes done. She still had a blast because we went to Dad and Mom's house to meet with the family. She had a chance to play with her cousins. After dinner, we chatted with Ninong Jun and Ninang Trina via YM. Then we left for South Bay. Eulla being silly with Bernie while Ethan watches.

At the accountant's office... Eulla loves looking at aquariums. Here she is pointing to the fish saying "fish".

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Friday, February 08, 2008

Same old Friday

As usual, we went to the mall to get out of the house. Once Eumir got home from work lunch time, we just rested for a few hours then we went to Topanga Mall.
Once we got there, we strolled around and searched for good sales. There was nothing too good to pass so we went to the kids area. As usual, Eulla went on the carousel. She's getting used to riding in the animals. She would rather ride on a horse though. She always emphasize that she wants to ride a horse (orch in Eulla's language). Before, Eulla just likes riding the sit and spin but her choices has changed lately. I guess she's not as scared of the animals as she used to. When we're at the mall, the escalator ride is always a big thrill for Eulla. Here she is dancing for joy because she was able to reach the rail of the escalator. We also found a stage for Eulla to dance and play just for a little bit. I decided to join her for picture sake but she was too preoccupied dancing.


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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Poopy Training

I think Eulla is getting the message that once she feels the urge of pooping, she needs to sit in her potty. Today, even if she knows it will hurts, she sat in her potty to go poopy. I just had to bring her the potty chair because she didnt want to move when she felt like it was coming. Once she saw me put it down, she cried and sat in her potty chair. She screamed and cried in the process because "it" was hard. The last time she went was Monday.
Finally, after 15 minutes of sobbing, it came out. She screamed " I got it, whohooo!" I just had to ask her to say it over again for the video.

Waiting patiently with a scared face...Here she sits while she's crying. And finally, it came out...
After I cleaned her, we went to the toilet to flush her poop and say bye bye to it. After washing our hands, I gave her 3 pieces of skittles as a reward. Right after she finished her skittles, she pointed to the potty and said "mama, wiwi?"


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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

United States Presidential Primary Election

It's time to vote today- super Tuesday. The last time I voted was when I was pregnant. It was the day I was gonna get induced - Nov 8, 2005. Today, I brought Eulla with me. We went to Dad & Mom's house because I still was registered to vote a few blocks away from their house at a school called El Dorado. I thought that they were gonna give me a hard time for bringing Eulla with me but the people all around us just ended up praising how cute my little girl was because she was wearing my oversized sunglasses. Of course, I was not able to take pictures because it was not allowed but Eulla and I got each a sticker after I voted.


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Monday, February 04, 2008

Potty #2 Success

Eulla has been constipated lately even though we've changed her diet. She has not gone poop since Friday. I have tried everything I can but she is just too traumatized with pooing and thinks everytime its going to hurt. So she just holds and holds it every time. I had been stressed for the past couple of days because I see her cry with buckets of tears and doesnt want to be touched.
I just have to praise my dear Love on how he handled this situation. Im so proud of him! Eulla always tells us when she goes pee but most of the time she has already gone in her pull ups. But we're getting there. Anyways, pooing was the last thing I had in mind that would happen in her potty chair because she cries like heck when she's pushing it out. My love decided to have me leave the room because Eulla would cry for me while she sees me. After 5 minutes, Eumir called me and pointed out Eulla sitting in her potty pushing. She sat and sat on her potty chair for more that 30 minutes and voila...she finally went! Although tears were running down her chickycheeks. I was so proud of her we had to reward her with skittles after we said bye bye to her poop and flushed it down the toilet. Eulla loves skittles. So she was very excited that she got some even if was already night time.
So for the record, despite some crying and a few struggles, she went poop on her potty for the first time.


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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Superbowl XLII

I thought Eumir was gonna be upset after the Superbowl because there was about 4 minutes left in the clock and the New York Giants was loosing. Luckily, a few minutes after, they scored a touchdown which had my love running around the house jumping for joy. He had to turn away from the tube he said till the game was over because he said Tom Brady was capable of scoring his team some points. Since the game was recorded in our dvr, after a few minutes, we saw confettis flying and so he screamed out and said, they trully deserve it and rewind to the part where the Giants scored a touchdown and watch the game. Weird huh?
Anyways, this is the first time after three years that he has watched the game at home. We are usually at our accountant getting our taxes done. But for some reason, we are awaiting Mom's and Ate's W2 from their prevoius employer. We always go as a family when we get our taxes done. Yup you got that right, the WHOLE family.

So for the record...ELI MANNING...WE LOVE YOU. WHOHOOO we won!!!
Picture from

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cleaning Time

It has been raining for the past 10 days. The car and the SUV was filthy! The last time it was washed from the car wash place was 3 weeks ago. Today, the sun was shining, we had to take advantage of it and give our car some loving. Eumir likes it when he cleans the cars because he said it is cleaned with care unlike when it is washed by other people. At our condo, we are not allowed to clean the car in the parking area. We had to go to Sylmar (at my parents house) to wash the car.
Cleaning the Honda Detailing the Honda After washing...waxing the Sequoia Our beloved Plate

Eulla was excited to see her grandparents as usual. I gave her a bath there after she played with Dad outside and with Mom inside the house. Ate also visited for a few hours so Eulla was able to play with Bernie and Ethan.

Shhhhh, Eulla trying to take the benz ensigna. Sorry Mom!
Playing outside
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Friday, February 01, 2008

Super Bowl SALE

Okay, since the economy is changing right now (for the worse), malling was the last thing that should be in my mind! But, I had to try and ask my dear love to take us to the mall so I can get a view on what are out there for the Black Friday SALE. I also had to buy some stuff at Victoria Secret, GAP and Crate&Barrel. So without upsetting me nor Eulla, he said YES right away.
When Eumir got home from work, Eumir just took a nap with Eulla after lunch then we went to the mall around 4ish. We went to our favorite mall, Topanga Mall. After going to the stores I needed to go to, we took Eulla to the North side of the mall. She rode the carousel as usual. There were too many kids at the playtown so we had to tell her we could not go there and we'll just take her to the escalator. Eulla agreed excitedly (lucky us!). After the escalator ride, we headed to the parking lot. At the carousel UP and DOWN the escalator
While we were on the road, I had my sugar craving and asked if we can go to Burbank Krispy Kreme which was at least 15 miles away from where we were at. And so we went hehehe. We encountered a few traffic along the way but finally, we got there.


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