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Saturday, February 09, 2008

27 Months

Eulla is 27 months today. Lately, she has been babbling more words that we dont understand (still takes some time for me and Daddy to figure out). She is definitely talking more now. She found new words to express herself more so she doesnt get frustrated when she wants something from us. She knows how to say Thank you (ahtom - dont ask me why), Sorry (sowee) and Please (peees with hands clasp together). She finally got to master how to call me. Its either mama or mom. Yes, it only began lately because she's used to hearing Daddy call me Love.
She has also been pooping in the potty. She just lets us know that she needs to go poopoo so that we can help her take off her pull ups and help her sit in her potty. That is such a big milestone.
We didnt really get to celebrate her monthsary because we had an appointment with our accountant to get our taxes done. She still had a blast because we went to Dad and Mom's house to meet with the family. She had a chance to play with her cousins. After dinner, we chatted with Ninong Jun and Ninang Trina via YM. Then we left for South Bay. Eulla being silly with Bernie while Ethan watches.

At the accountant's office... Eulla loves looking at aquariums. Here she is pointing to the fish saying "fish".

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