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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

2nd Molar Part IV

Yesterday, Eulla has been extra clingy. She has not gone poop either. I figured that is why she is partly cranky. She sat in her potty for 20 minutes trying to push her poop out but there was no luck. Daddy was getting frustrated and so was I.
We we're wondering why Eulla is being such a cry baby. She doesnt really cry this much. Then it finally hit us. We checked her gums and we saw her 2nd molar on the upper left side. It is finally cutting her gums. Once we saw it, Eumir gave Eulla a hug and said everything was going to be fine and gave her some teething tablet. A few minutes after giving her the tablets, Eulla started dancing around and felt more jolly. Thank goodness for the teething tablet.
So at the age of 27 months, she has complete set of teeth. We will try our best to take good care of it! The next thing we just have to think about is how to explain to her that there are toothfaries. But that's not until she turn 5 or 6 *wink*

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