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Monday, February 18, 2008

A 3.5 Weekend

It was supposedly a four day weekend but Daddy Eumir needed to finish up a project at work Friday morning. Being a responsible guy that he is, he went to work half day then went home (usual Friday schedule). We had so many things planned out for the weekend but had a change of heart when Eumir and I sat on the couch and just talk about old times. We just felt like unwinding and relaxing. We haven't had a weekend or at least a day of just being at home. So, we just stayed home the rest of Friday afternoon.
Saturday, we went to my orthodontist at Alhambra. After, we went to the mall to get another designer jeans I've been looking for (Thanks Tintin for the info. That was such a good find!) Now, I just need to look for the Tori Burch Reva Flats and I promise, I will start not thinking of what to get next. Love, totoo na to! Then we went to Manila Sunset to get some bibinka, mais con yielo, tokwa & baboy and aroz caldo to bring to Mom and Dad's house.
Eulla performed her dance and sing a long infront of Mom and Dad and as usual, they were thrilled to see their pretty grand daughter. We stayed there till 7nish then went to Island Pacific to do some grocery shopping, then home.
Sunday, we did some cleaning & laundry but bummed around most of the time. We watched some of our recorded HOUSE on the DVR and my TFC soap opera. Eumir and I played one of our boardgames while Eulla thought that she was playing along with us. Then the Sunday felt like it was over so soon.
Eulla tossing coins in the fountain
Monday, we went to the mall. We went to several shoe stores because we are looking for converse for the three of us. We had no luck because Daddy Eumir seemed like he was looking for a pair of converse that I didnt know existed. We also shopped for some spring clothes for Eulla. After the mall, we went to COSTCO for Eulla's soy milk, pull ups and some of the necessity in bulk. After, it was home sweet home because it was way past Eulla's nap.

Daddy Eumir bought Eulla a football because she wouldn't let go of it at Old Navy. Being a football fan that he is, he didn't even refuse, hmp!

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