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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Back To Pinoy Our Ways

My Love and I looked at each other around 11am and smiled at each other. After, we both asked, "what are we having for lunch?". That just mean that we are both craving for something that cannot be found/cooked in our home sweet home. I said, "Jollibee!" and without any arguments, my loved agreed.
So then we added it into our schedule and tapped it to the beginning of our list on the iPod touch. Yep, I am definitely making his gift worth it. The last iPod he gave me the pictures were just updated twice and then was just used for music in our car.
credits: princess shabby stripped paper

So after eating our lunch at Jollibee, we went to do our grocery shopping at Island Pacific. Since we bought some perishable stuff, we decided to drop off the groceries at home. Then we went to the library to return a book I got for Eulla. We stayed there for a while because Eumir wanted to borrow some books while Eulla and I browsed their children DVD's. We ended up borrowing a lot of books and 3 Disney movies. We had plans to drop by my parents house but we ended up going home because 1) Eulla was already sleepy/cranky and 2) my parents just left for palmdale.

credit: princess shabby sweet sprinkles


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