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Friday, February 01, 2008

Super Bowl SALE

Okay, since the economy is changing right now (for the worse), malling was the last thing that should be in my mind! But, I had to try and ask my dear love to take us to the mall so I can get a view on what are out there for the Black Friday SALE. I also had to buy some stuff at Victoria Secret, GAP and Crate&Barrel. So without upsetting me nor Eulla, he said YES right away.
When Eumir got home from work, Eumir just took a nap with Eulla after lunch then we went to the mall around 4ish. We went to our favorite mall, Topanga Mall. After going to the stores I needed to go to, we took Eulla to the North side of the mall. She rode the carousel as usual. There were too many kids at the playtown so we had to tell her we could not go there and we'll just take her to the escalator. Eulla agreed excitedly (lucky us!). After the escalator ride, we headed to the parking lot. At the carousel UP and DOWN the escalator
While we were on the road, I had my sugar craving and asked if we can go to Burbank Krispy Kreme which was at least 15 miles away from where we were at. And so we went hehehe. We encountered a few traffic along the way but finally, we got there.


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