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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cleaning Time

It has been raining for the past 10 days. The car and the SUV was filthy! The last time it was washed from the car wash place was 3 weeks ago. Today, the sun was shining, we had to take advantage of it and give our car some loving. Eumir likes it when he cleans the cars because he said it is cleaned with care unlike when it is washed by other people. At our condo, we are not allowed to clean the car in the parking area. We had to go to Sylmar (at my parents house) to wash the car.
Cleaning the Honda Detailing the Honda After washing...waxing the Sequoia Our beloved Plate

Eulla was excited to see her grandparents as usual. I gave her a bath there after she played with Dad outside and with Mom inside the house. Ate also visited for a few hours so Eulla was able to play with Bernie and Ethan.

Shhhhh, Eulla trying to take the benz ensigna. Sorry Mom!
Playing outside
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