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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dad & Mom's 34th Anniversary

Today is my parents 34th wedding anniversary. The three of us loved Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill so much from Valentines that we decided to bring Dad and Mom there to celebrate. My sisters agreed as well.
Around 7PM, we all met at the restaurant. We had to wait for a little while because according to the manager, they're not allowed to reserve seats for dinner as it is first come first serve. But, all I can say was, it was worth the wait. The food was amazing as usual.
While we waited, we took several pictures at the lobby.
After 10 minutes they called out my name and everyone headed to our table. There was 9 of us including the kids. Jun our brother is at Virginia because that is where he is based with the Army but he sent his love to everyone before we left for the restaurant.
To make things simple, we all decided to order each a whole rack of baby back ribs since it was in their award winning menu. We just added some salads and appetizer. After dinner, the kids decided to run around the table and play. They we're getting pretty loud so we decided to ask for boxes for our leftovers and went outside so that the kids can continue on with their game. We stayed outside the for at least 30 minutes. Eulla ran around with Bernard while everyone watch them. I had to be the bad guy and stop their fun because it was getting chilly outside. I promised Eulla that she can play with her cousin in the weekend.
Please visit our album for more pictures. Click HERE.


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