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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Poopy Training

I think Eulla is getting the message that once she feels the urge of pooping, she needs to sit in her potty. Today, even if she knows it will hurts, she sat in her potty to go poopy. I just had to bring her the potty chair because she didnt want to move when she felt like it was coming. Once she saw me put it down, she cried and sat in her potty chair. She screamed and cried in the process because "it" was hard. The last time she went was Monday.
Finally, after 15 minutes of sobbing, it came out. She screamed " I got it, whohooo!" I just had to ask her to say it over again for the video.

Waiting patiently with a scared face...Here she sits while she's crying. And finally, it came out...
After I cleaned her, we went to the toilet to flush her poop and say bye bye to it. After washing our hands, I gave her 3 pieces of skittles as a reward. Right after she finished her skittles, she pointed to the potty and said "mama, wiwi?"


posted by Eubelle at 8:34 PM


she sounds sooo cute! =P too bad the video is dark. =0(

i'm gonna buy stickers either today or tomorrow. i don't like giving chocolate or candy to maddie cause her teeth are sooo bad already.

2:58 PM  


i didnt realize that the video was dark till i uploaded :( it was against the light.

so far poopy training is going well ;)

10:04 PM  

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