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Monday, February 04, 2008

Potty #2 Success

Eulla has been constipated lately even though we've changed her diet. She has not gone poop since Friday. I have tried everything I can but she is just too traumatized with pooing and thinks everytime its going to hurt. So she just holds and holds it every time. I had been stressed for the past couple of days because I see her cry with buckets of tears and doesnt want to be touched.
I just have to praise my dear Love on how he handled this situation. Im so proud of him! Eulla always tells us when she goes pee but most of the time she has already gone in her pull ups. But we're getting there. Anyways, pooing was the last thing I had in mind that would happen in her potty chair because she cries like heck when she's pushing it out. My love decided to have me leave the room because Eulla would cry for me while she sees me. After 5 minutes, Eumir called me and pointed out Eulla sitting in her potty pushing. She sat and sat on her potty chair for more that 30 minutes and voila...she finally went! Although tears were running down her chickycheeks. I was so proud of her we had to reward her with skittles after we said bye bye to her poop and flushed it down the toilet. Eulla loves skittles. So she was very excited that she got some even if was already night time.
So for the record, despite some crying and a few struggles, she went poop on her potty for the first time.


posted by Eubelle at 7:40 PM


great job eulla! Ü

her hair's getting longer. Ü

1:45 PM  


its getting longer finally ;) i want to get it cut so bad but eumir asked me to just have it grow out till he's the one that's ready to have her get a haircut. he got upset when my mom cut her hair before :D

8:59 AM  

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