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Friday, February 08, 2008

Same old Friday

As usual, we went to the mall to get out of the house. Once Eumir got home from work lunch time, we just rested for a few hours then we went to Topanga Mall.
Once we got there, we strolled around and searched for good sales. There was nothing too good to pass so we went to the kids area. As usual, Eulla went on the carousel. She's getting used to riding in the animals. She would rather ride on a horse though. She always emphasize that she wants to ride a horse (orch in Eulla's language). Before, Eulla just likes riding the sit and spin but her choices has changed lately. I guess she's not as scared of the animals as she used to. When we're at the mall, the escalator ride is always a big thrill for Eulla. Here she is dancing for joy because she was able to reach the rail of the escalator. We also found a stage for Eulla to dance and play just for a little bit. I decided to join her for picture sake but she was too preoccupied dancing.


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