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Monday, March 24, 2008

Shopping MODE

Ever since we had our Sequioia broken into, I feel like I have to make up for everything that's loss! I have been shopping since Friday. My dear husband must be in panic mode while I am in shopping mode. He's just the silent type. Luckly I have not heard him say NO MORE! He's actually listening in to the things I want. I have not stopped looking/shopping via world wide web (http://www) nor going to malls. I have told him NON STOP what were my priorities in my list of things to buy. Whew, its getting pretty tiring because I cant get any sleep thinking of what's next.
Eulla and I went to Nordstrom to order my Tory Burch Flats that seems to run out in my size everywhere. We've gone to Bloomingdales to try and use our premier passes but there were no more Tory Burch. How Sad. As for my Tom Ford Whitney or Claudia, I am still taking it into consideration which one I like the most. Then there's the Oliver Peoples Aviator and the Neverful LV that I also want. Plus we also decided that we will just get the Harman Kardon installed in the SUV. Geesh, so many things. What can I say, its almost my birthday so walang kontrahan!

A half size smaller than what I need :(


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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone

We all had planned to go to Oxnard - Channel Island to celebrate our Easter Sunday. We went to our favorite seafood place. The whole family came. We called Jun as usual before going.
The place was pact with so many people, we had to wait several minutes to get three tables for each family. Mom and Dad shared the table with us. Mom ordered so many food. Once for each table!
Then we strolled by the wharf and took lots of pictures. Please visit our album for more pictures. Still under construction

Right after stuffing ourselves at Channel Islands with seafoods, we went to Camarillo Outlet and shopped till our feet hurt. We were able to get our VIP passes. Our shopping spree ended at GAP when they told us that we had 3 minutes left to shop till it closed. I bought so many things for my little girl!

Then we had our egg hunting at Mom and Dad's house. There were lots of $5 and $1 eggs around the house. Eulla was able to collect $18. Bernie won with a whopping $28.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Clean Day

Another day of cleaning up the mess that was caused by Thursday's event. I wanted to bring the SUV to the car wash where they will wash, detail and wax the SUV but Eumir said he is much more comfortable if he cleaned it himself. He was scared that Eulla might get scratched by the broken window glass that was left behind. Plus he can detail it himself. So as usual, we went to my parents house to wash it. While Eumir cleaned the SUV, Eulla played around at the front yard. She asked for some flowers again and asked me to take pictures of her flowers.
Eulla with flowers from Mom's garden. She LOVES flowers

Ate and the two kids arrived a little before lunch. We all had lunch together. After lunch, we had planned to go out and buy some of the stuff I needed but by the time we got home, Eulla was asleep and Eumir was too tired from cleaning under the heat of 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since they were both tired, I got lazy and just ordered pizza from Papa John's Pizza on line for our dinner. Eulla screamed out when she saw the box of pizza.
Eulla with her super duper happy smile

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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Aftermath

My Friday started off really early. I had to so many things to get done by the end of the day. I could not sleep the whole night because I was thinking of how awful it was!

Early morning, I had to make a lot of phone calls (insurance company, touch of class-to clean the leathers, and Hamer Toyota Service Center) then I had to follow up my call at the police station at Devonshire. A detective and a finger printing person came a little before noon. Eumir was still on his way home by then so Eulla and I had to attend to them. The police said that it had look like who ever stole from our SUV was good at what he does. He did not leave a single trace of his fingerprint. So therefore, they could not go on with the investigation. That means, no justice for us. All we can do was to just shrug it up.

A little after the police left, Eumir arrived from work. We had to eat lunch first before we got started in out whole list of things to do for the SUV. I drove to Church's Chicken to get some TO GO's. By the time I got home my baby and my love were hungry. We ate lunch then began what we needed to do.

The repair guy for the window was sent by our insurance company. They brought the tempered window glass here to our home and replaced and cleaned up the broken window. Which by the way is something the insurance company wont cover! By then it was already 2PM. As soon as it was done, we drove to Galaxy Auto Sound to get our stock stereo installed and get the a/c repaired because they had cut some of the wires. Eumir and I are both too hesitant to get a navigation installed till everything is in tip top condition. We left the SUV there for several hours. We thought that by the given time, the work was done so we can head to our neighborhood car wash but to our dismay, the installation took longer than what was promised. Eumir and Eulla waited in the Honda till it was done.

So our whole Friday involve a lot of talking and some unexpected spending :(


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Thursday, March 20, 2008


We had our Toyota Sequoia broken into just today. They broke the right rear passenger window. They took EVERYTHING!!! I am blogging this so that if people are to buy a USED item that are in my list, they will know. This is wishful thinking but please report it to me or any police.

Pioneer Navigation AVIC D3 Serial #GP PG 003445 UC
Chanel Sunglasses Serial #C1248G
Salvatore Ferragamo Serial # OF31072 502/71
Juicy Couture Aviator Sunglasses
Ralph Lauren Sunglasses
Venturer DVD Player

I am devastated! It was only about an hour in between that we did not see the SUV and that's probably when they broke into it :( The navigation system in our SUV was a present to me from Eumir last year (APRIL). I am so heartborken.


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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Out with the Girls

After Estela's birthday, Betty and I had planned to go out with our little girls to Simi Valley town Center. We watched the two girls have fun at the Koi Pond, Fish Pond and the playground. After, the two little girls watched me and Betty have fun at Anthropologie! We all had fun. Right Betty? We promised our husbands that the next time we go out, we'll spend less. See you next week Betty!

At the Fish Pond paperirishclover

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Estela's 4th Birthday

We went to Granada Hills to celebrate Estela's fourth birthday. Eulla was so happy to play with Estela and Sophie. She finally got to hang around other girls. She's always around boys because most of her cousins are boys. It was nice seeing her play with them. She partied till she dropped! By the time we left, she was asleep in my arms.
Eulla trying on Estela's crown
She saw so many bikes at Betty's Mom's backyard, she got too excited! Daddy, I think its time for us to get her one...whatcha think? We'll get a helmet, arm pads and knee pads. Peas? Let's look this weekend okay?

Note: I was too busy chit chatting with the girls, Eumir was exhausted watching and helping Eulla on the bike while Reggie was getting beat up by the boys. Thanks to The Gregorios, we had fun!

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mom's Birthday

We celebrated Mom's birthday at Barrio Fiesta - Eagle Rock. She turned 50 something this year (censored). Please visit our album for more pictures.

Happy Birthday Mom!

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Lunch - Go Green

I got too lazy today and did not cook lunch. So once Eumir got home from work a little before lunch time, we went to Wienerschnitzel which Eumir and Eulla had been wanting since Wednesday because they saw an advertisement flyer that was sent to the house. We left a little past lunch time because it took me a while to get ready ;)
Daddy knows how to fix his little girls hair

We ate lunch for about an hour at Wienerschnitzel. It was only several miles away from Northridge Mall so we didnt even think about going to Topanga Mall. We had to buy presents for the birthday parties we were going to this weekend. And since I went to babyGAP, not only did I buy for the birthday celebrant, I ended up buying a couple of matching outfits for Eulla as well. They were too cute! Then we went to Whole Foods to look for Eulla's organic lollipops (which i saw in television). I want her to be able to enjoy candy and still feel good about letting her have some. Eumir is very strict when it comes to candies and chocolates. Anyways, we ended up going to trader joe's because Whole Foods didnt have any. I must have stayed in there for the longest time because they had so many healthy food that looked so good.


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Sunday, March 09, 2008

28 Months

Eulla turned 28 months today. We went to Dad and Mom's house to have lunch with them. As usual, Eulla was excited to go there.

Eulla likes to ask "what's that?" lately. I guess its her way of finding out what they are. After we answer, she likes to say the word we've said over again but it tends to come out different. Today, while we were outside, she saw three different colors of flower. First she asked...
eulla: mom, whats that?
me: its flowers
eulla: there, while pointing (meaning can you get me one)
me: here you go
eulla: akom ma (thank you ma). what's this?
me: they're white flowers, purple flowers and yellow flowers
eulla: wow! hmmm...smells good
It's funny because I didnt even ask her to smell it but she said it. I was laughing so hard she ended up laughing with me.

Since I started putting her hair up, before we leave the house, she always want her hair put up in pig tails. She likes to look at her self in the mirror to make sure that she is presentable. She also likes to pretend lately. She likes to go to the door and have her purse and keys with her and says bye to either me or Daddy Eumir. She's pretending she's going to work.

Eulla also runs to me when Im doing laundry. She would cry if I didnt let her help me put the clothes in the washer or dryer. She also likes to look at what we're cooking. She's very interested in helping around the house. She even uses her vacuum while I vacuum around the house. My little girl is turning out to be such a little helper around the house.

Eulla's constipation is somewhat solve now. After talking to her pediatrician, we had to change her rice to brown rice. We also lessened her milk intake and she always has a fresh fruit shake that I either prepare or I buy from Jamba Juice which consist of mango and all sorts of berries. She is not to eat bananas or apples. Her pediatrician also recommended that we dont use her potty chair for the mean time so that she is not pressured into going poopy. She said to just have her get used to pooing easily first. Once she's going regularly, then we can go back to having her sit in her potty. So far, its going good.

It is also Daylight Savings Time. So, we have springed forward which means, one hour less today.


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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Ortho and Mall

My ortho appointment was moved to 2PM today. Eumir was not feeling so well but we still went. My dentist told me that I am so close to graduating. I will probably get my braces out tentatively July if I wear my rubber bands religiously. I am so excited. I have had my braces on since 2001. Eumir had known me longer with braces than without. I wonder how I will look like.
Anyways, Eulla slept through the whole time we were at my orthodontist. When she woke up, we were already on our way to Topanga Mall. We went to the mall to buy some clothes for Eulla for the new season as well as for me and Eumir. We tried our best for Eulla not to see the carousel because we still had to go my parents house and we were at the mall for a while.

Eulla choosing Daddy's shoes


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Friday, March 07, 2008

First Time To The Theater

After taking Eulla to the park at Santa Clarita, we went to the theater at Canyon Country called Edwards Canyon Country 10. We decided to see The Spiderwick Chronicles. We've searched and searched for a movie that Eulla can enjoy as well but this is the closest thing we got to an animated show. Eulla has watched Harry Potter with us at home and she could not get her eyes off the screen so we figured, we'll see if she stays and enjoys the movie.
I have to say, Daddy Eumir and I are so proud of our little girl. Eulla not only sat through the whole 1 hour and 37 minutes of the movie, she also had fun watching it. Sure she switched from my lap to Daddy's lap several times even if she had her own seat. But that's only when she thinks that one parent cant protect her from the goblins she saw. What can I say, I guess she felt me getting a bit jumpy on parts that were alarming to me. It was so funny because I distinctively told her to cover her eyes with her hands if she got scared and she did once but ended up peaking as if she could not miss a single part of the movie. Eumir and I enjoyed seeing her enjoy the movie. We were also thrilled because this means that we can start watching movies again and take Eulla with us at the same time.

We got to the movies exactly at 4:00PM. The show started at 4:00PM as well. I ran to the booth to go in line to buy our tickets. The lady stated that I dont need to rush because we had 10 minutes till she movie started. I had Daddy and Eulla get seats for the three of us while I bought some refreshments and snacks. Luckily, there were only 3 families watching. We were able to get the best seats in the house!

credit:shabby princes heart swirls paper

It was so nice to celebrate our anniversary this way. The three of us had a blast. Since Eulla was so good at the movies, we happily brought her back to the park so she can play while the weather was still nice.

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A new park

Eumir and I had our 10th year anniversary yesterday. We planned a fun filled day today to celebrate. We actually got tired of just eating out plus for the next 3 months we are going to celebrate different occassions like mom's birthday, my ate's and my birthday, eumir's birthday & our wedding anniversary. So we figured, we'll do something different this time.
Ate told me that there was a new park that had just opened a couple of blocks away from their house at Santa Clarita. It is also one of Eumir's track home project. I told Eumir that I want to take Eulla there because we all have not been out because the weather had been rainy and cold. Plus Eulla's Gymboree school moved from Northridge to Porter Ranch.
Once we got to Santa Clarita, Eulla was screaming of excitement. She saw all sorts of color and lots of swing and slides. Immediately, she wanted out from her car seat. We met Ate and my two nephew there.
Eulla had so much fun that she did not want to leave but we had a show to catch. She was crying as we left the park.
For more pictures, visit our multiply site. (Still under construction)

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Your still the one

Happy 10th Anniversary Love! credit:lynnie smith youniquephotos


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