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Sunday, March 09, 2008

28 Months

Eulla turned 28 months today. We went to Dad and Mom's house to have lunch with them. As usual, Eulla was excited to go there.

Eulla likes to ask "what's that?" lately. I guess its her way of finding out what they are. After we answer, she likes to say the word we've said over again but it tends to come out different. Today, while we were outside, she saw three different colors of flower. First she asked...
eulla: mom, whats that?
me: its flowers
eulla: there, while pointing (meaning can you get me one)
me: here you go
eulla: akom ma (thank you ma). what's this?
me: they're white flowers, purple flowers and yellow flowers
eulla: wow! hmmm...smells good
It's funny because I didnt even ask her to smell it but she said it. I was laughing so hard she ended up laughing with me.

Since I started putting her hair up, before we leave the house, she always want her hair put up in pig tails. She likes to look at her self in the mirror to make sure that she is presentable. She also likes to pretend lately. She likes to go to the door and have her purse and keys with her and says bye to either me or Daddy Eumir. She's pretending she's going to work.

Eulla also runs to me when Im doing laundry. She would cry if I didnt let her help me put the clothes in the washer or dryer. She also likes to look at what we're cooking. She's very interested in helping around the house. She even uses her vacuum while I vacuum around the house. My little girl is turning out to be such a little helper around the house.

Eulla's constipation is somewhat solve now. After talking to her pediatrician, we had to change her rice to brown rice. We also lessened her milk intake and she always has a fresh fruit shake that I either prepare or I buy from Jamba Juice which consist of mango and all sorts of berries. She is not to eat bananas or apples. Her pediatrician also recommended that we dont use her potty chair for the mean time so that she is not pressured into going poopy. She said to just have her get used to pooing easily first. Once she's going regularly, then we can go back to having her sit in her potty. So far, its going good.

It is also Daylight Savings Time. So, we have springed forward which means, one hour less today.


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Awww, Eulla is so cute! Pretending she's going to work! Hahaha!

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