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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Aftermath

My Friday started off really early. I had to so many things to get done by the end of the day. I could not sleep the whole night because I was thinking of how awful it was!

Early morning, I had to make a lot of phone calls (insurance company, touch of class-to clean the leathers, and Hamer Toyota Service Center) then I had to follow up my call at the police station at Devonshire. A detective and a finger printing person came a little before noon. Eumir was still on his way home by then so Eulla and I had to attend to them. The police said that it had look like who ever stole from our SUV was good at what he does. He did not leave a single trace of his fingerprint. So therefore, they could not go on with the investigation. That means, no justice for us. All we can do was to just shrug it up.

A little after the police left, Eumir arrived from work. We had to eat lunch first before we got started in out whole list of things to do for the SUV. I drove to Church's Chicken to get some TO GO's. By the time I got home my baby and my love were hungry. We ate lunch then began what we needed to do.

The repair guy for the window was sent by our insurance company. They brought the tempered window glass here to our home and replaced and cleaned up the broken window. Which by the way is something the insurance company wont cover! By then it was already 2PM. As soon as it was done, we drove to Galaxy Auto Sound to get our stock stereo installed and get the a/c repaired because they had cut some of the wires. Eumir and I are both too hesitant to get a navigation installed till everything is in tip top condition. We left the SUV there for several hours. We thought that by the given time, the work was done so we can head to our neighborhood car wash but to our dismay, the installation took longer than what was promised. Eumir and Eulla waited in the Honda till it was done.

So our whole Friday involve a lot of talking and some unexpected spending :(


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