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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Estela's 4th Birthday

We went to Granada Hills to celebrate Estela's fourth birthday. Eulla was so happy to play with Estela and Sophie. She finally got to hang around other girls. She's always around boys because most of her cousins are boys. It was nice seeing her play with them. She partied till she dropped! By the time we left, she was asleep in my arms.
Eulla trying on Estela's crown
She saw so many bikes at Betty's Mom's backyard, she got too excited! Daddy, I think its time for us to get her one...whatcha think? We'll get a helmet, arm pads and knee pads. Peas? Let's look this weekend okay?

Note: I was too busy chit chatting with the girls, Eumir was exhausted watching and helping Eulla on the bike while Reggie was getting beat up by the boys. Thanks to The Gregorios, we had fun!

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