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Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Lunch - Go Green

I got too lazy today and did not cook lunch. So once Eumir got home from work a little before lunch time, we went to Wienerschnitzel which Eumir and Eulla had been wanting since Wednesday because they saw an advertisement flyer that was sent to the house. We left a little past lunch time because it took me a while to get ready ;)
Daddy knows how to fix his little girls hair

We ate lunch for about an hour at Wienerschnitzel. It was only several miles away from Northridge Mall so we didnt even think about going to Topanga Mall. We had to buy presents for the birthday parties we were going to this weekend. And since I went to babyGAP, not only did I buy for the birthday celebrant, I ended up buying a couple of matching outfits for Eulla as well. They were too cute! Then we went to Whole Foods to look for Eulla's organic lollipops (which i saw in television). I want her to be able to enjoy candy and still feel good about letting her have some. Eumir is very strict when it comes to candies and chocolates. Anyways, we ended up going to trader joe's because Whole Foods didnt have any. I must have stayed in there for the longest time because they had so many healthy food that looked so good.


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