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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone

We all had planned to go to Oxnard - Channel Island to celebrate our Easter Sunday. We went to our favorite seafood place. The whole family came. We called Jun as usual before going.
The place was pact with so many people, we had to wait several minutes to get three tables for each family. Mom and Dad shared the table with us. Mom ordered so many food. Once for each table!
Then we strolled by the wharf and took lots of pictures. Please visit our album for more pictures. Still under construction

Right after stuffing ourselves at Channel Islands with seafoods, we went to Camarillo Outlet and shopped till our feet hurt. We were able to get our VIP passes. Our shopping spree ended at GAP when they told us that we had 3 minutes left to shop till it closed. I bought so many things for my little girl!

Then we had our egg hunting at Mom and Dad's house. There were lots of $5 and $1 eggs around the house. Eulla was able to collect $18. Bernie won with a whopping $28.

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