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Friday, March 07, 2008

A new park

Eumir and I had our 10th year anniversary yesterday. We planned a fun filled day today to celebrate. We actually got tired of just eating out plus for the next 3 months we are going to celebrate different occassions like mom's birthday, my ate's and my birthday, eumir's birthday & our wedding anniversary. So we figured, we'll do something different this time.
Ate told me that there was a new park that had just opened a couple of blocks away from their house at Santa Clarita. It is also one of Eumir's track home project. I told Eumir that I want to take Eulla there because we all have not been out because the weather had been rainy and cold. Plus Eulla's Gymboree school moved from Northridge to Porter Ranch.
Once we got to Santa Clarita, Eulla was screaming of excitement. She saw all sorts of color and lots of swing and slides. Immediately, she wanted out from her car seat. We met Ate and my two nephew there.
Eulla had so much fun that she did not want to leave but we had a show to catch. She was crying as we left the park.
For more pictures, visit our multiply site. (Still under construction)

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