Eulla and Eulleah

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Ortho and Mall

My ortho appointment was moved to 2PM today. Eumir was not feeling so well but we still went. My dentist told me that I am so close to graduating. I will probably get my braces out tentatively July if I wear my rubber bands religiously. I am so excited. I have had my braces on since 2001. Eumir had known me longer with braces than without. I wonder how I will look like.
Anyways, Eulla slept through the whole time we were at my orthodontist. When she woke up, we were already on our way to Topanga Mall. We went to the mall to buy some clothes for Eulla for the new season as well as for me and Eumir. We tried our best for Eulla not to see the carousel because we still had to go my parents house and we were at the mall for a while.

Eulla choosing Daddy's shoes


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