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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Clean Day

Another day of cleaning up the mess that was caused by Thursday's event. I wanted to bring the SUV to the car wash where they will wash, detail and wax the SUV but Eumir said he is much more comfortable if he cleaned it himself. He was scared that Eulla might get scratched by the broken window glass that was left behind. Plus he can detail it himself. So as usual, we went to my parents house to wash it. While Eumir cleaned the SUV, Eulla played around at the front yard. She asked for some flowers again and asked me to take pictures of her flowers.
Eulla with flowers from Mom's garden. She LOVES flowers

Ate and the two kids arrived a little before lunch. We all had lunch together. After lunch, we had planned to go out and buy some of the stuff I needed but by the time we got home, Eulla was asleep and Eumir was too tired from cleaning under the heat of 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since they were both tired, I got lazy and just ordered pizza from Papa John's Pizza on line for our dinner. Eulla screamed out when she saw the box of pizza.
Eulla with her super duper happy smile

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