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Thursday, March 20, 2008


We had our Toyota Sequoia broken into just today. They broke the right rear passenger window. They took EVERYTHING!!! I am blogging this so that if people are to buy a USED item that are in my list, they will know. This is wishful thinking but please report it to me or any police.

Pioneer Navigation AVIC D3 Serial #GP PG 003445 UC
Chanel Sunglasses Serial #C1248G
Salvatore Ferragamo Serial # OF31072 502/71
Juicy Couture Aviator Sunglasses
Ralph Lauren Sunglasses
Venturer DVD Player

I am devastated! It was only about an hour in between that we did not see the SUV and that's probably when they broke into it :( The navigation system in our SUV was a present to me from Eumir last year (APRIL). I am so heartborken.


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ate belle, where did it happen?

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