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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Valencia Town Center

Daddy Eumir had appointment with his pals at El Torrito at Valencia around 1:15pm. Eulla and I tagged along and asked to be dropped off at Valencia Town Center while he ate lunch with his buddies.
Eulla and I went to the food court first and ate our lunch there. Eulla had her hot dog on a stick while I had Panda Express. For some reason, the food court did not have much choice. I saw a lot of closed stalls which made me a bit sad. Has the economy really hit the down low? Well, that just reminded me not to shop too much and have a strong self control over little stuff. I can get carried away!
Every mall runs Eulla and I have, we most always go to Gap for kids. I could not resist it. I had to buy just a few things. After the Gap I figured I just bring Eulla to the playtown so I dont do much more damage. But on the way there, I windowed shopped a little just to see what was out there. So that for the next budget I get this coming May, I can have my list of things to buy.

Eulla at the playtown
Eulla and me trying to get a good picture but darn it, she wont look! Daddy Eumir came to pick us up


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Sunday, April 27, 2008

100 degree heat

Oh boy, what a spring weather! Today, the highest temperature will be at a hundred degrees Fahrenheit. To fight this kind of weather, we just stayed home. It's too hot to even try to do anything outside.
We relaxed, cleaned the house a bit and had our halo-halo care of Mommy Perla. Eulla and I are recovering from our sickness. Eulla got sick first around Monday with a cough and cold and I followed her with a cold first and a sore throat around Wednesday. Now its a full blown cold. Luckily, Eumir is okay because he got his flu shots. He is in charge of taking care of me and Eulla.

Eumir calls me his "utos machine" starting Friday. So to stand by what he calls me, I made him assemble the "trofast" we bought at Ikea yesterday. It will finalize Eulla's side of the room. I can keep all her "abubot" in it as well as her pull-ups and other toiletries.
Eulla while Eumir assembled the trofast. Eulla after her long bath in the tub. Beat the heat!

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Park Time Continues

After Ikea, we went to Costco at Santa Clarita to buy some groceries. We also went to Ate's house to have Eulla play with her cousin Bernie and cousin Ethan. Since Ate's neighborhood park is just a couple of blocks away, we decided to have the kids play there. While we were waiting for the sun to go down a bit, Dad and Mom met up with us. We all went to the park by 6:30PM. Eulla played with Bernie and Julia while Ethan practiced his walking. Eumir and Vic played basketball.

Bernie, Eulla and JuliaEthan and EullaDad and EullaPicture of the day

If Eulla has a picture of the day, I was able to take a shot of my husband. Here is Eumir's picture of the day. The play of the year. hahaha!
As usual, more pictures in our album. (still being uploaded)


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Back to Ikea

Not only did we had to go back to Ikea twice yesterday because we forgot to get Eulla's red chair, I couldn't sleep because I was thinking of where to put the rest of Eulla's stuff now that the playpen was packed and stored. I didnt even realized till we had the bed set up in the room. So the nagging me took over and asked my dear love to take me back to Ikea to buy one more thing today. After buying this, I wont be buying anymore (ikea stuff that is) for a while. Promise!

So here is Eumir with his face saying "ano, ito na ba talaga?"

While here is Eulla enjoying the place like me.
If you get stuck inside Ikea roaming around, you wont leave without anything in your cart! Even a small item to decorate your home, you will be tempted. Everything was made affordable to a starting family andthe style is contemporary. We got one last thing for the mean time and hope not to need anything more for the mean time. I dont want to put never because I know it will be impossible. My best excuse was that we are now a contributing factor for the stimulus plan coming this May. Yipee for everyone who filed thier taxes and is qualified for the plan. See you in the nearest mall soon!

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Ikea Adventure Story

So my post in Mulitply I published before this but the story behind our bed purchase will all be explained below...

Eulla is turning 2 and a half on May 9, 2008. Eumir and I had been discussing how we can get rid of the playpen in our room which functions as 3 major things. 1: as storage for Eulla's pull-ups and other baby toiletries, 2: as a changing table (since the nappy changing rack came with it) and 3: as Eulla's playpen. She pretends to put her baby to sleep there and sometimes also pretends that she it still a baby. Another thing is that Eulla had been sleeping with us since we moved. When Eulla was born, she slept in her own bed. She slept in her own bed a little over a year but when we moved to Northridge, I guess the sight of a different room scared her and from then on, every 1am, she would wake up and asked to be moved in our bed. After a few weeks of feeling sleep deprived, I decided to have her sleep in between me and Eumir and the rest is history. So there you have it, we need to start training her to sleep in her own bed. We also decided to just keep it in the same room so she doesnt get scared. We wont rush her, I'll start her off with her afternoon naps so its not dark. Wish us luck with the new change!

So our window shopping led us in buying the bed already. Eumir says I have this sickness that if I dont buy it, I might get allergies. So sarcastic!
For more pictures, visit us in our album site.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

WiFi Router

I finally gave into my urge and bought a wifi router for our home. We had been renting from Time Warner and since October of 2006, our bill had been increasing. We started at $110 for three services and that is cable, internet and digital phone. After 1 year and a half, our bill is now $150 and soon to go up even higher. I have been looking around for a better offer and just when Eumir and I decided to make a change, an agent from the same company offered us a deal we could not refuse! To cut the deal lower, we decided to get rid of their lousy combined router and modem and just buy one for ourselves.
Charmaine had suggested that I can buy a router at and pick it up 24 minutes. It's the perfect way to shop around for an item because a toddler can not enjoy the electronics department. So I did my browsing and finally hit purchase and in no time at all, Eulla and I were on our way to Circuit City at Northridge.
I was hesistant to install it myself but after much review, I installed it and secured our server! Wheee, the speed, I can not believe! No more low signals!

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Simi Valley

Its park time again and we met with one of our favorite family friends, the Gregorio's. But before park time, we went to Simi Valley Town Center first. We strolled around while we waited for Reggie to get out of work. We shopped a little. Then, the 3 kids played near the fish pond while Betty and I chit chatted. Eumir followed Eulla around.
  • Me & Betty (on the bench). Eulla, Estela and Mitchel by the fish pond
After the mall, we went to meet Reggie then to the park. Eumir and Reggie played basketball while Betty and I had our share of exercise by running after the kids. Once the guys game was over, we went to Topper's Pizza at Simi Valley for our dinner. Too bad by that time, my camera's battery was too low to take some pictures.

And now, for the picture of the day, Eulla sitting on the grass


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Monday, April 14, 2008

Bernard's 7th Birthday

Today is Bernie's 7th birthday party. We went to Chuck E. Cheese's to celebrate with him. Visit our album for more birthday pictures. (Still Under construction)

Happy Birthday Bernardo Victor Carpio!

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Package from Eulla

From time to time, we try to send a box to the Philippines for our family. Since Anaheim (Eulla's cousin) was born, Eulla has outgrown so many clothes. Some she was not even able to wear. To put them in good use, we will be sending them out with the package. So far, we have not finished filling it up but we have a few surprises for Uncle Ninong Ison and Lola Gay. They are all from Eulla!

Package coming soon!

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Park Time

We went to meet the Gregorio Family at Simi Valley Park located at Lemon Drive. It was such a huge park. They had a duck pond, swings, slides, basketball courts and a huge land to run around.

No toddler swings...careful baby!

"Eulla, where are you?"Come on Daddy, work those flabs este abs pala!

Me, Betty, Estela, Eulla and Mitchel
(Eumir taking the pic, Reggie playing basketball)

After the kids played, we went to Simi Valley Town Center to eat at Exotic Thai. (Sorry no pics)


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Eumir took another Friday off. He just wants some time to relax and unwind. We both want to do a lot of things before the day was over so we planned to switch in taking care of Eulla while one does what needs to be done. Of course, I would go first. After all, ladies first!
So, I went early morning to get the car washed at American Car Wash for their early bird special. After that, I went to Subway to get a healthy lunch for the three of us. By the time I got back, it was already lunch time. The three of us ate lunch together. Then it was off to the mall for me. I had to get Eulla's sandals exchange again because it was too big. Once I was there, I couldn't resist myself. I had to get her a few things. The rack was full of cute clothes that post take an extra 25%off. Who could resist right? Too bad the sandals were not on sale. Overall, I still had so much fun looking for play clothes for Eulla. I also passed by several stores then went home so that Eumir can do what he wanted to do.
Now, Eumir is on his was to the Mid-Valley Library. He needs to borrow some books. He's learning something very interesting right now.
Well, here are the interesting stuff I got Eulla.

Her babyGAP Tom Ford Whitney look a like
(Who can resist right? We will look like twins when we both wear it hahaha!)
Well, I got to get Eulla ready. When Eumir gets back, we will meet friends at the park and eat out.


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Monday, April 07, 2008

Birthday at 32

Yes folks, I am 32 years old today. No longer in the calendar but to my husband's opinion, I look nothing like I am in the 30's. Younger daw! Love your own of course.
Just visit our album for more birthday pictures. Click on THIS.
I am not the only one in the family celebrating a birthday, my older sister shares the same birth date. So I'd like to wish her a Happy 33rd Birthday!

I'd also like to thank all my family & friends that greeted me thru phone calls, text, email and via YM. Aside from my Love greeting me first my favorite brother greeted me at 2:30am.

Thank you so much for remembering. I feel so blessed. BOW!


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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Through our Stomach

A good tittle for this blog...
The way to our HEART is through our STOMACH!

All we have been doing since Friday is eat, eat, eat. Friday, right after grocery shopping at COSTCO, we went to Pho999 to get my favorite eggrolls. Eumir, Eulla and I finished all 10 pcs in one sitting. My stomach felt like it would never want anything again (for the day that is). Eulla ate the lettuce with the eggrolls and most of the veggies except the carrots. Her pediatrician recommends that we don't allow her to eat it because it makes her you know what hard as a rock! The following day after our Camarillo trip, we ate Eumir's favorite Burger - In and Out. We had to kind of force Eulla to eat because she was preoccupied playing in the car. I took her out of her carseat so she can be comfortable eating but instead she played at the backseat. {This is after we had some Auntie Aunts as snacks!} Sunday, we had some food from A&W Restaurant. Seafood rice, Catfish in oyster sauce and Eulla's favorite Special Noodles. Then we had some homemade Banana Split on a waffle bowl.Cheap thrills but HMM HMM GOOD!

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Shopping Spree

Two more days and it will be my birthday. Eumir took the day off yesterday to start celebrating. Just being together is already enough for it to be a special occasion. Despite the fact that the economy is in the slump right now, we made some exceptions to our rules, just for me. After this, its SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!!!
Our drive to Camarillo

We went to Camarillo Outlet early morning. I had to exchange a pair of sandals at babyGap and try to look for good bargains at Saks for me. Eumir and Eulla strolled around the outlet while I shopped. This way, I can enjoy my shopping spree. And I totally did!

Most of the stuff I ordered on line came by Friday. It was my birthday gift from my LOVE.
My Tom Ford Whitney My Tory Burch Flats My Giorgio Armani

Oh, I so love all my new stuff. Thank you so much LOVE. Your so good to me. MWAH!

I got too excited that I forgot to take pictures of the three of us.


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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Our weekly thang

Betty, Estella, Eulla and I went out to have our weekly get together. We went to Sherman Oaks Fashion square. The two girls played around at the playtown and rode the small carousel. After, we strolled around. Betty and I got a little something from Bloomingdales. Note to our husbands: A little something! Not too expensive ;)


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