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Sunday, April 27, 2008

100 degree heat

Oh boy, what a spring weather! Today, the highest temperature will be at a hundred degrees Fahrenheit. To fight this kind of weather, we just stayed home. It's too hot to even try to do anything outside.
We relaxed, cleaned the house a bit and had our halo-halo care of Mommy Perla. Eulla and I are recovering from our sickness. Eulla got sick first around Monday with a cough and cold and I followed her with a cold first and a sore throat around Wednesday. Now its a full blown cold. Luckily, Eumir is okay because he got his flu shots. He is in charge of taking care of me and Eulla.

Eumir calls me his "utos machine" starting Friday. So to stand by what he calls me, I made him assemble the "trofast" we bought at Ikea yesterday. It will finalize Eulla's side of the room. I can keep all her "abubot" in it as well as her pull-ups and other toiletries.
Eulla while Eumir assembled the trofast. Eulla after her long bath in the tub. Beat the heat!

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love love all the posts! babies soo cute!!! trina

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