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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Back to Ikea

Not only did we had to go back to Ikea twice yesterday because we forgot to get Eulla's red chair, I couldn't sleep because I was thinking of where to put the rest of Eulla's stuff now that the playpen was packed and stored. I didnt even realized till we had the bed set up in the room. So the nagging me took over and asked my dear love to take me back to Ikea to buy one more thing today. After buying this, I wont be buying anymore (ikea stuff that is) for a while. Promise!

So here is Eumir with his face saying "ano, ito na ba talaga?"

While here is Eulla enjoying the place like me.
If you get stuck inside Ikea roaming around, you wont leave without anything in your cart! Even a small item to decorate your home, you will be tempted. Everything was made affordable to a starting family andthe style is contemporary. We got one last thing for the mean time and hope not to need anything more for the mean time. I dont want to put never because I know it will be impossible. My best excuse was that we are now a contributing factor for the stimulus plan coming this May. Yipee for everyone who filed thier taxes and is qualified for the plan. See you in the nearest mall soon!

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posted by Eubelle at 2:58 PM


i love the kids stuff at ikea too. Ü i could get lost in there for a few hours. =P

8:58 AM  

me too! their stuff are so cute :D

1:08 PM  

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