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Monday, April 07, 2008

Birthday at 32

Yes folks, I am 32 years old today. No longer in the calendar but to my husband's opinion, I look nothing like I am in the 30's. Younger daw! Love your own of course.
Just visit our album for more birthday pictures. Click on THIS.
I am not the only one in the family celebrating a birthday, my older sister shares the same birth date. So I'd like to wish her a Happy 33rd Birthday!

I'd also like to thank all my family & friends that greeted me thru phone calls, text, email and via YM. Aside from my Love greeting me first my favorite brother greeted me at 2:30am.

Thank you so much for remembering. I feel so blessed. BOW!


posted by Eubelle at 11:04 PM


Oooh! I see Tory Burch flats heehee!

1:25 PM  

tory burch flats...inspired by my favorite fashion blogger ;)

3:24 PM  

belated ate belle and ate nina!!! love love, trina!

4:06 AM  

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