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Friday, April 25, 2008

Ikea Adventure Story

So my post in Mulitply I published before this but the story behind our bed purchase will all be explained below...

Eulla is turning 2 and a half on May 9, 2008. Eumir and I had been discussing how we can get rid of the playpen in our room which functions as 3 major things. 1: as storage for Eulla's pull-ups and other baby toiletries, 2: as a changing table (since the nappy changing rack came with it) and 3: as Eulla's playpen. She pretends to put her baby to sleep there and sometimes also pretends that she it still a baby. Another thing is that Eulla had been sleeping with us since we moved. When Eulla was born, she slept in her own bed. She slept in her own bed a little over a year but when we moved to Northridge, I guess the sight of a different room scared her and from then on, every 1am, she would wake up and asked to be moved in our bed. After a few weeks of feeling sleep deprived, I decided to have her sleep in between me and Eumir and the rest is history. So there you have it, we need to start training her to sleep in her own bed. We also decided to just keep it in the same room so she doesnt get scared. We wont rush her, I'll start her off with her afternoon naps so its not dark. Wish us luck with the new change!

So our window shopping led us in buying the bed already. Eumir says I have this sickness that if I dont buy it, I might get allergies. So sarcastic!
For more pictures, visit us in our album site.

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posted by Eubelle at 9:39 PM


nice bed eulla. Ü

8:57 AM  

she likes to play in it. that's all so far hahaha!

1:09 PM  

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