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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Shopping Spree

Two more days and it will be my birthday. Eumir took the day off yesterday to start celebrating. Just being together is already enough for it to be a special occasion. Despite the fact that the economy is in the slump right now, we made some exceptions to our rules, just for me. After this, its SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!!!
Our drive to Camarillo

We went to Camarillo Outlet early morning. I had to exchange a pair of sandals at babyGap and try to look for good bargains at Saks for me. Eumir and Eulla strolled around the outlet while I shopped. This way, I can enjoy my shopping spree. And I totally did!

Most of the stuff I ordered on line came by Friday. It was my birthday gift from my LOVE.
My Tom Ford Whitney My Tory Burch Flats My Giorgio Armani

Oh, I so love all my new stuff. Thank you so much LOVE. Your so good to me. MWAH!

I got too excited that I forgot to take pictures of the three of us.


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Yay! Saya! Hahaha!

1:26 PM  

I'm still psyched! babaw noh?

3:27 PM  

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