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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Through our Stomach

A good tittle for this blog...
The way to our HEART is through our STOMACH!

All we have been doing since Friday is eat, eat, eat. Friday, right after grocery shopping at COSTCO, we went to Pho999 to get my favorite eggrolls. Eumir, Eulla and I finished all 10 pcs in one sitting. My stomach felt like it would never want anything again (for the day that is). Eulla ate the lettuce with the eggrolls and most of the veggies except the carrots. Her pediatrician recommends that we don't allow her to eat it because it makes her you know what hard as a rock! The following day after our Camarillo trip, we ate Eumir's favorite Burger - In and Out. We had to kind of force Eulla to eat because she was preoccupied playing in the car. I took her out of her carseat so she can be comfortable eating but instead she played at the backseat. {This is after we had some Auntie Aunts as snacks!} Sunday, we had some food from A&W Restaurant. Seafood rice, Catfish in oyster sauce and Eulla's favorite Special Noodles. Then we had some homemade Banana Split on a waffle bowl.Cheap thrills but HMM HMM GOOD!

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posted by Eubelle at 9:31 PM


happy birthday!!! Ü

6:39 PM  

In and Out!!!! Yummy! We don't have that here on the East Coast. Belated Happy Birthday again to you! And Ate too!

1:24 PM  

Thank you Charmaine!

2:46 PM  

Tin: I will let Ate know. If you and your hubby are in the town, I will treat you for IN and OUT hehehe.

3:25 PM  

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