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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Valencia Town Center

Daddy Eumir had appointment with his pals at El Torrito at Valencia around 1:15pm. Eulla and I tagged along and asked to be dropped off at Valencia Town Center while he ate lunch with his buddies.
Eulla and I went to the food court first and ate our lunch there. Eulla had her hot dog on a stick while I had Panda Express. For some reason, the food court did not have much choice. I saw a lot of closed stalls which made me a bit sad. Has the economy really hit the down low? Well, that just reminded me not to shop too much and have a strong self control over little stuff. I can get carried away!
Every mall runs Eulla and I have, we most always go to Gap for kids. I could not resist it. I had to buy just a few things. After the Gap I figured I just bring Eulla to the playtown so I dont do much more damage. But on the way there, I windowed shopped a little just to see what was out there. So that for the next budget I get this coming May, I can have my list of things to buy.

Eulla at the playtown
Eulla and me trying to get a good picture but darn it, she wont look! Daddy Eumir came to pick us up


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