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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Eumir's 32nd Birthday

Eumir is not the type of person who likes to celebrate his birthday. Ever since we met, I've made it to a point we do something nice for May 6. As usual, he would kid and say "what's with may 6?". So for this day I called on our good friends (Eulla's godparents) to come eat dinner with us. We celebrated Eumir's birthday with the Gregorio Family. We went Asahi Sushi Restuarant for dinner and then off to Starbucks for some coffee and milk for the little girls.
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Happy Birthday To My Love!
Today was the first time Eulla learned how to say Happy Birthday. It was such a nice birthday gift for Daddy Eumir.

Hata Barthday Daddy!! with love from Eulla


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Belated Happy Birthday to Eumir!

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