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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Movies & Park

It will be Eumir's birthday on Tuesday. We were suppose to eat out and watch a movie but we decided to move watching a movie this weekend. I asked my parents to take care of Eulla for several hours while Eumir and I go out and watch a movie. They said YES!
So after dropping Eulla off at my parents house around 2:30PM, we went to Winnetka Theaters to catch the 3:30 show of Baby Mama. We both needed some laugh and wanted to leave the theater with a good feeling.
It seemed like a treat for me and my love so we want to make sure Eulla gets as much fun as we had. When we got back to Sylmar to get Eulla. Mom and Dad said that she had so much fun and so did they watching Eulla. Something I love to hear. Eulla didnt give then a hard time. She greeted us with her thrilled voice when she saw us.
We went to the Simi Valley Park. Daddy Eumir shooted some hoops to burn off some fats while Eulla and I ran around. We also went to the swing where we stayed most of the time. When it started to get cold around 7:30PM, we went home. During the car ride home, Eulla fell asleep. I guess she was exhausted.
credit: shabby princess promise collection

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posted by Eubelle at 9:38 PM


happy birthday, to eumir! :-) it was my bro's bday yesterday, too!

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