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Friday, May 02, 2008

Professional Haircut

Eulla had her first haircut done by my mom a little after her first birthday. Only, it was just a few strands that I felt like it didnt count. Eumir was upset I had it done. Then, Daddy Eumir cut Eulla's hair around December of 2007 when we both got a haircut but it was just the bangs.
This has been long overdue. I have had it on my list of things to do with Eulla for the longest time. It was just not possible because her hair took so long to grow and is very fine. BUT, this Friday is special, Eulla's bangs had grown out and her hair at the back is no longer the same length. After much debating, I had finally convinced Daddy Eumir that its time for Eulla to get her hair professionally cut. Of course, what's a haircut if it was not coming from one of the best in town. I am overly excited for her so I want to be able to make this trip special even if it will only take less than 10 minutes.
I did my research on line and even asked friends and so far, I heard the the Lollicut was one of the best place to get a toddler's haircut. I visited their website and when I saw that the award winning children's haircut was located at Tarzana which was just several miles away from us, I made the appointment for Eulla for a 3PM haircut.
As for plans, Eumir and I thought we had everything set. I even made the appointment so that Eulla would be done with her nap but things didnt go as planned. We headed to Lollicut around 2:30 and Eulla had not had her nap. I knew it was going to be interesting when we get there.
Eulla fell asleep in the SUV for 5 minutes and we had to wake her once we got there. When she saw the balloons outside, immediately she said wow. She was excited once we got inside. I guess she thought that it was a play ground. She went from car to car and when we finally asked her where she wanted to sit for her haircut, she clinged tightly on her Daddy. The hairdresser asked if she wanted to sit on my lap instead and she nodded her head.Eulla ended up getting her haircut on my lap. She was pretty good but seemed really scared. She was given a lollipop while she got her haircut and that was the main factor that made her stay put. After her haircut, we promised her she can play in the salon for 5 minutes then it was off to an ice cream parlor...Cold Stone!
We had Eulla chose the ice cream the three of us shared. We had 1 scoop of strawberry ice cream, chocolate, vanilla and coffee on the side for me. She had extra strawberries and gummy bears put in it. Eulla told us many stories while we ate our our ice cream. A lot of words Daddy and I tried to figure out. It was fun!
credits: shabby princess festival papers and embellishments
More pictures at our multiply site!

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