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Thursday, May 15, 2008

We're Expecting!

Yes, you all read right! We are expecting. I am now about 6 weeks pregnant according to the pregnancy date calculator on line. My first appointment will not be till May 30 at Northridge Hospital with Dr. Ballon-Reyes. Same OB-GYNE that delivered Eulla.

So far, my sense of smell has been extra sensitive. Makes me sick to my stomach when I smell something I dont like. Exactly how I was when I was pregnant with Eulla. But for some reason, this one came faster than it did before. As soon as 5 weeks stepped in, I immediately had a strong sense of smell. I've been feeling really tired.

We are all so excited what our next baby will be ~ A BOY or A GIRL. We have been trying to explain to Eulla that she will be an ATE soon. She knows that the baby is in my tummy but also agrees that she has one in hers too (hahaha, makes me laugh). It will take some time till she understand I guess. As for Eumir, he has been having some sympathy pains. Craving everything I am craving. But overall he is preparing himself to be a Daddy of two soon.

Just wanted to share this to all my familys and friends. We will soon welcome an addition to our family on January :D

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posted by Eubelle at 3:28 PM


yay! congrats eumir, ate belle and eumir! :-) love, trina

9:14 AM  

My goddaughter is going to be an Ate already! Congratulations!!! A new addition to the Ruanto family :) That's amazing!

9:34 PM  

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