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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Post Anniversary Gift

It was our 5th wedding anniversary June 28. Eumir & I both had planned so many things for this day two months ahead but since I was still in my 1st trimester, it was too hard to even plan to do something out of town. We just ended up eating out with Eulla and towards the night, we left Eulla with my parents and watched a movie.
To make up for this occasion, we both agreed on just buying something for the both of us. We ended up getting a pool table which came with a ping pong table topper. We do not have room for this in our place but since my parents had a sun room, we asked if we can keep it there till we're able to get our own place that fits the table.
Friday afternoon, we went to Sports Authority to get Eumir's cue stick and some accessories for the pool table. We were there for a while. I didn't say a peep to my love because when I am at the mall, he waits patiently with Eulla. So this time, it was his turn.

At Sports AuthorityAt the Pita Pockets Northridge

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