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Friday, August 29, 2008

Another Treat

Eulla woke up as early as I did today because of our appointment at the Quest lab. She was a trooper. She waited a whole hour till she got bored and started asking when they will be calling us in a room for the blood draw.
So as usual, when we see a really good girl in her, we let her know that she deserves a treat. We decided to have her go swimming in the community pool at our place. It was the first time we went there since we've lived here. I am not sure why we never really paid much attention to it but now that we know Eulla loves swimming in pools, we had her try it out. Eumir went swimming with her while I kept a look out on both of them.

Eulla posing before swimming....Eulla swimming with her vestDaddy and Eulla praticing their kick!


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Glucose Test and Another Ultrasound

I had to fast for my glucose test starting 12am today. We left around seven in the morning so that I can get started with the test. It took a little more than an hour because I had to drink an 8oz soda like drink before they took a vial of blood sample. All I can say about the drink was it smelled like dextrose (lime flavor) luckily this time around, the drink was nice and cold. When I had the test with Eulla, the drink was orange flavor and it was warm...yuck!

My experience with quest diagnostic this time was bad. Not only did I have to force my self to finish a not so good drink till the last drop within 5 minutes, the phlebotomist had a hard time finding a vein! She looked for about five minutes all together on both arms and finally settled on a vein that ended up being too small (in my opinion). I was only able to fill about 1/3 of the vial with my blood which took a good 2 minutes. This is what happened to my arm after about 3 hours. Another bad blood draw added to my list!

Then around 4pm, we had to go back to the ultrasound place where we went last week. The doctor's office informed us that they did n0t get to take ALL the shots they needed. This time we were lucky enough to get an ultrasound technician that was very verbal. She made the three of us (Eumir, Eulla and me) welcome to ask anything about the ultrasound. She tried to find the gender of the baby. Again, we still did not see a clear view but she did say we can say there's a 70% possibility that its a GIRL! So for all the friends and family that are asking. We might be having another princess.

Here are some ultrasound photos of the baby.

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Beach Time before summer is over!

My favorite picture of Eulla!

We went to Point Dume, Malibu before the summer was over. We most always go to the beach yearly starting when Eulla was born. I told Eumir that we just had to go even if my tummy was getting bigger and bigger. We cant cancel what maybe a family tradition we had started.

Eulla was so excited that she woke up at 6:30am to prepare for the trip to Malibu. We we ready by 7:15am. We picked up my parents, Ate and my two nephew at Sylmar and ended up leaving around 8am. Mom was cooking Arroz Caldo. We were lucky because the forecast showed some overcast and we did not want the sun to be striking hot while we sat and played at the beach.

We got a great spot at the beach. There were not so many people yet because we got there early morning. Here are some pictures of us...

At 20 weeks pregnant
Eumir having his soupAfter Eumir and Eulla went for a swimMore pictures and video at our Multiply site!


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Friday, August 22, 2008

4th Check Up & Ultrasound

My appointment with Dr. Ballon-Reyes was at 11am. We decided to be there 15 minutes before because I had another appointment at 12:30pm with the Northridge Diagnostic Center for my ultrasound but of all the times to be early, this was the time Dr. Reyes had to deliver a baby early morning. We had to wait till 12pm and luckily, we still made it on time for my next appointment.

Everything sounds well Dr. Reyes informed us. She said that my AFP test result were all normal. She also informed us that after my ultrasound today, if the baby's gender is not verified, she will confirm it herself in week 28 of my pregnancy.

The three of us practically ran to the parking lot to make it to the next block for the ultrasound. Eumir & Eulla dropped me off at the front of the building while they parked then followed. We made it on time. We still ended up waiting 15 minutes before my name was called. As usual, all three of us went for the appointment. We were all excited to see how big the baby as gotten since we last saw him/her on the monitor.

I probably was on the bed for 15 minutes while the technician measured and took pictures of the baby. After that, all she can say was that the baby's bottom was turned and that we can not be certain what the gender of the baby was.

I guess we have to wait again!

Baby's Foot
Here is the back of our baby.


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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Half way there!

I am now 20 weeks. I cant believe I am half way there. We are so excited. I am feeling so much better. I can eat mostly everything again. Although, I still hate smelling sauteed garlic & onions and the taste of mint toothpaste. It still makes me sick every time. Bumpy road makes me dizzy as well. Eumir always tries to avoid bumps and cracks on the road. Eulla always asks me if I am okay once we get through a bumpy road (how sweet huh?).

We will be finding out the gender of the baby on Friday. I will also be visiting Dr. Reyes for my 4th check up.

taken on 08/09/08

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Friday, August 15, 2008

A treat

It has been a while since we've treated Eulla to Chuck e Cheese's. Now that she can finally say Chuck e cheese's and money, she definitely deserves a few hours to play there. The whole trip going there, all she can say was "Eulla going to Chuck e Cheese's!" over and over again. Eumir and I just had to agree and say yes or we wont hear the end of it. It is never a dull moment in the car with Eulla wide awake.

We stayed there for about two hours and had our lunch. Then we went to the Northridge mall to get a few more maternity outfits. My belly is getting bigger and I no longer like the maternity clothes that I had when I was pregnant with Eulla and I sent most of them to the Philippines. Eulla was such a trooper that after I bought a few outfits, we went to Sweet Factory. I forgot to take pictures because once we got there, Eulla was running around scooping all the candies she can. I had her choose what candies she wanted. They were going by the pound.

Finally, the Honda Service Center called and said that the Civic was ready for pick up. That meant, it was time to leave the mall. We had the Civic's oil changed and some minor details done.


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Saturday, August 09, 2008

33 months

Eulla is 33 months old today. I'd have to say that she can just talk and talk and talk! She loves expressing herself. Beginning July, Eumir and I decided to try and have her say her name. She had a rocky start since her letter L are pronounced as Y. She would say her name is EUYA. So after a few days, I tried having her say her name in sylables and had her practice saying lalala. Finally around the fourth of July, she was able to say her name EU-LA. Eumir and I were so proud! Hey, its a hard name to say! We also added asking her how old she was and she learned that pretty quick. She would make a sign of two with her fingers and say "I am two!"

Eulla loves to dress up. She loves to appreciate pretty clothes and as Eulla would say it, wow, it is peety with no R. She also likes to get her nails done. She loves going to the mall. Eumir always gets her going by telling her that she has to get ready because we are going to the mall. Right away, you would see her eyes glow and start to get ready even if it means getting up from a nap. She loves carrying a purse. She feels like her outfit is not complete without her bag.

What is weird is that she's a girly girl but likes to play with some boy toys especially transformers and cars. I guess it is cause she grew up around little boys instead of little girls (all her cousins here in the States are boys!). Lately, she is asking me to buy her a Barbie doll when she sees a commercial so we'll just have to see how long it takes till she gets sick of the toy.

Eulla is 29lbs now. She wears a size 7-8 in shoes and size 3 in dresses. Her hair is growing fairly quickly now and I can tie it in a pony tail. She still takes a two hour nap in the afternoon. Eulla kisses my belly every night and says good night to the baby.

Eulla is growing so fast. Eumir and I are savoring each moment.

Happy monthsary baboo!Eulla swimming at Betty's birthday party


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