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Saturday, August 09, 2008

33 months

Eulla is 33 months old today. I'd have to say that she can just talk and talk and talk! She loves expressing herself. Beginning July, Eumir and I decided to try and have her say her name. She had a rocky start since her letter L are pronounced as Y. She would say her name is EUYA. So after a few days, I tried having her say her name in sylables and had her practice saying lalala. Finally around the fourth of July, she was able to say her name EU-LA. Eumir and I were so proud! Hey, its a hard name to say! We also added asking her how old she was and she learned that pretty quick. She would make a sign of two with her fingers and say "I am two!"

Eulla loves to dress up. She loves to appreciate pretty clothes and as Eulla would say it, wow, it is peety with no R. She also likes to get her nails done. She loves going to the mall. Eumir always gets her going by telling her that she has to get ready because we are going to the mall. Right away, you would see her eyes glow and start to get ready even if it means getting up from a nap. She loves carrying a purse. She feels like her outfit is not complete without her bag.

What is weird is that she's a girly girl but likes to play with some boy toys especially transformers and cars. I guess it is cause she grew up around little boys instead of little girls (all her cousins here in the States are boys!). Lately, she is asking me to buy her a Barbie doll when she sees a commercial so we'll just have to see how long it takes till she gets sick of the toy.

Eulla is 29lbs now. She wears a size 7-8 in shoes and size 3 in dresses. Her hair is growing fairly quickly now and I can tie it in a pony tail. She still takes a two hour nap in the afternoon. Eulla kisses my belly every night and says good night to the baby.

Eulla is growing so fast. Eumir and I are savoring each moment.

Happy monthsary baboo!Eulla swimming at Betty's birthday party


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