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Friday, August 22, 2008

4th Check Up & Ultrasound

My appointment with Dr. Ballon-Reyes was at 11am. We decided to be there 15 minutes before because I had another appointment at 12:30pm with the Northridge Diagnostic Center for my ultrasound but of all the times to be early, this was the time Dr. Reyes had to deliver a baby early morning. We had to wait till 12pm and luckily, we still made it on time for my next appointment.

Everything sounds well Dr. Reyes informed us. She said that my AFP test result were all normal. She also informed us that after my ultrasound today, if the baby's gender is not verified, she will confirm it herself in week 28 of my pregnancy.

The three of us practically ran to the parking lot to make it to the next block for the ultrasound. Eumir & Eulla dropped me off at the front of the building while they parked then followed. We made it on time. We still ended up waiting 15 minutes before my name was called. As usual, all three of us went for the appointment. We were all excited to see how big the baby as gotten since we last saw him/her on the monitor.

I probably was on the bed for 15 minutes while the technician measured and took pictures of the baby. After that, all she can say was that the baby's bottom was turned and that we can not be certain what the gender of the baby was.

I guess we have to wait again!

Baby's Foot
Here is the back of our baby.


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