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Friday, August 29, 2008

Glucose Test and Another Ultrasound

I had to fast for my glucose test starting 12am today. We left around seven in the morning so that I can get started with the test. It took a little more than an hour because I had to drink an 8oz soda like drink before they took a vial of blood sample. All I can say about the drink was it smelled like dextrose (lime flavor) luckily this time around, the drink was nice and cold. When I had the test with Eulla, the drink was orange flavor and it was warm...yuck!

My experience with quest diagnostic this time was bad. Not only did I have to force my self to finish a not so good drink till the last drop within 5 minutes, the phlebotomist had a hard time finding a vein! She looked for about five minutes all together on both arms and finally settled on a vein that ended up being too small (in my opinion). I was only able to fill about 1/3 of the vial with my blood which took a good 2 minutes. This is what happened to my arm after about 3 hours. Another bad blood draw added to my list!

Then around 4pm, we had to go back to the ultrasound place where we went last week. The doctor's office informed us that they did n0t get to take ALL the shots they needed. This time we were lucky enough to get an ultrasound technician that was very verbal. She made the three of us (Eumir, Eulla and me) welcome to ask anything about the ultrasound. She tried to find the gender of the baby. Again, we still did not see a clear view but she did say we can say there's a 70% possibility that its a GIRL! So for all the friends and family that are asking. We might be having another princess.

Here are some ultrasound photos of the baby.

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