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Friday, August 15, 2008

A treat

It has been a while since we've treated Eulla to Chuck e Cheese's. Now that she can finally say Chuck e cheese's and money, she definitely deserves a few hours to play there. The whole trip going there, all she can say was "Eulla going to Chuck e Cheese's!" over and over again. Eumir and I just had to agree and say yes or we wont hear the end of it. It is never a dull moment in the car with Eulla wide awake.

We stayed there for about two hours and had our lunch. Then we went to the Northridge mall to get a few more maternity outfits. My belly is getting bigger and I no longer like the maternity clothes that I had when I was pregnant with Eulla and I sent most of them to the Philippines. Eulla was such a trooper that after I bought a few outfits, we went to Sweet Factory. I forgot to take pictures because once we got there, Eulla was running around scooping all the candies she can. I had her choose what candies she wanted. They were going by the pound.

Finally, the Honda Service Center called and said that the Civic was ready for pick up. That meant, it was time to leave the mall. We had the Civic's oil changed and some minor details done.


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