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Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

We went to Topanga Mall after Eulla's nap so we can get started with trick or treating early. This is the 3rd year we've gone to the mall for Halloween. We were at the mall by 3:30pm. I decided to rent a powered wheelchair because I was too weak to walk around the mall and I could not possibly miss this for Eulla. I was really sick the day before.

Eulla and Mama
Eulla and Daddy
Broom...broom!After the mall, we went to my parents house to meet up with the cousins and go around the block to get more candies!
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dedication Party

We went to Mateo's dedication around noon. It was held at Sun Valley Park. There was a beautiful center piece that had some goodies in it. Daddy and Eulla decided to take some before the party was done SHHHH!
"Happy Eulla" because she's getting the goodiesDaddy trying to get the goodies while Eulla keeps a look out. Nice team work hehehe!Welcome to the Christian World Mateo!


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Friday, October 17, 2008

It's a GIRL

We finally got a confirmation that our 2nd baby will be a girl! I had my OB appointment around 11am and the three of us looked at the monitor while Dr. Reyes pointed out that we are definitely having a girl. Everything is looking good. We just need to get everything ready for the arrival of another princess.

Since it is a Friday, after having our favorite PHO999 lunch, we headed to Topanga Mall to get our early Christmas gift to each other. We got rid of our PDA cellphones and got ourselves a matching iPHone 3G! It should be it for now. The economy is not looking so great and we need to save, save save! I just had to push for this one because I dont know if I will be giving birth early. So MY LOVE, thank you so much!
(Yup, that's me at 7 months pregnant..getting BIG!)
Eulla with her eyes closed!
As for Eulla, we ended up getting her outfit for her birthday during labor day. She is so excited about her party. Also, since she is now potty trained, we've moved her potty chair to the big potty with a converter. We were getting tired of cleaning her potty chair more than 5X a day. So as of today, she now goes to the bathroom and do her stuff!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Party Planning

We are less than a month away from Eulla's 3rd birthday. Eumir and I had planned to go take her to Disneyland for her birthday but my OB doctor has now informed me that it would be too risky to even leave town. Plus the walking in the amusement park might be too much for me. So we set that plan aside and decided to have a simple Chuck e cheese's party. We had been going to chuck e cheese's to try the location out, make reservations and confirm and through all that, its too hard to just drop byand run the errand without having Eulla play there, have pizza and buffulo wings.

A few stops to Chuck e Cheese's through out the week...

Eulla won the bonus at the Spongebob game
Not only did Eulla win the bonus tickets, Daddy won the bonus prize on the Skee Ball all the days we went there!!!
We now have close to 1000 points to redeem on her birthday.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Braces OFF!

After almost 7 years, I finally got my braces off. We went to my orthodontist at Alhambra around 1:15pm and as soon as I sat in their chair while Eulla was with me, they sang me a congratulation song. Eulla saw the basket full of treats with a balloon and she immediately said "aww, for me?!?". She said it so cute that I said it was for her.

NO MORE BRACES! Thank goodness!


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Thursday, October 09, 2008

35 Months

Happy 35 months baby!

Eulla is 35 months today. I can be proud to say that she is now potty trained! We started potty training her the Sunday before she turned 35 months. We actually started several months ago but she ended up having problems with her bowel movement. She got really constipated and her pediatrician suggested we stop the potty training till she becomes more regular. So now that there is less drama, potty training only took 3 days. First day she was uncomfortable not having her pulls ups. A few accidents happened. Then the 2nd day lesser accidents and on the third day, she got the hang of it. She doesnt even go weewee during night time but I still keep her pulls ups on because she STILL sleeps with me and her daddy.

Lolo Pogi and Mom Perla gave her 6 pairs of Disney Princess Shoes for her monthsary.
Eulla trying on a pair of her new Disney shoes

Eulla loves to talk. She is a chatter box. She also loves to ask if she can "try" something that she sees on the TV like Barbie commercials. That just means that if we can buy it for her. Lately, she's been into the Disney Princess. She's been amazed with all of the girly girl toys that Disney comes up with. For the past few days, my sister and my parents had been buying her princess stuff. They are spoiling her but I have to admit, her smiles and giggles are priceless. Here are some pictures.

Taken: October 5
Another gift from the grandparents... Her Holloween Costume
Taken: September 22


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