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Friday, October 17, 2008

It's a GIRL

We finally got a confirmation that our 2nd baby will be a girl! I had my OB appointment around 11am and the three of us looked at the monitor while Dr. Reyes pointed out that we are definitely having a girl. Everything is looking good. We just need to get everything ready for the arrival of another princess.

Since it is a Friday, after having our favorite PHO999 lunch, we headed to Topanga Mall to get our early Christmas gift to each other. We got rid of our PDA cellphones and got ourselves a matching iPHone 3G! It should be it for now. The economy is not looking so great and we need to save, save save! I just had to push for this one because I dont know if I will be giving birth early. So MY LOVE, thank you so much!
(Yup, that's me at 7 months pregnant..getting BIG!)
Eulla with her eyes closed!
As for Eulla, we ended up getting her outfit for her birthday during labor day. She is so excited about her party. Also, since she is now potty trained, we've moved her potty chair to the big potty with a converter. We were getting tired of cleaning her potty chair more than 5X a day. So as of today, she now goes to the bathroom and do her stuff!

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