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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Party Planning

We are less than a month away from Eulla's 3rd birthday. Eumir and I had planned to go take her to Disneyland for her birthday but my OB doctor has now informed me that it would be too risky to even leave town. Plus the walking in the amusement park might be too much for me. So we set that plan aside and decided to have a simple Chuck e cheese's party. We had been going to chuck e cheese's to try the location out, make reservations and confirm and through all that, its too hard to just drop byand run the errand without having Eulla play there, have pizza and buffulo wings.

A few stops to Chuck e Cheese's through out the week...

Eulla won the bonus at the Spongebob game
Not only did Eulla win the bonus tickets, Daddy won the bonus prize on the Skee Ball all the days we went there!!!
We now have close to 1000 points to redeem on her birthday.

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