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Friday, November 28, 2008

Doorbuster Black Friday SALE

Though I am already 34 weeks pregnant, we still planned to get a peak of what was out there for the black Friday sale. I was up in the peak of dawn because I have not been sleeping very well since I hit 30 weeks of my pregnancy so it was perfect!

It was still so foggy. Poor Eulla had to get up early with us and we just basically bribed her to get out of bed.
Eulla having fun at Topanga Mall

We went to Topanga Mall, Target, Sports Authority, Toys r us and Babies r us. By the time I got to Babies r us at Porter Ranch, I could no longer stand up straight so we decided to go home. My back hurted so much even though I was wearing my maternity back support. The sale was not what I expected. It was better last year and the year before. I did not finish much of my Christmas list. I just ended up buying stuff for me, Eulla and the little one.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008


The family celebrated Thanksgiving at Mom and Dad's house. Eumir and I just finished up cooking our share of potluck food early morning then we were at Sylmar by lunch time.

I did not really get to take much pictures. I was so into eating all the dessert!

Some of our Thanksgiving food: Shrimp, Beef in mushroom, Mechado, Honey Baked Ham (Instead of Turkey), Spaghetti (for the kids), lots and lots of dessert and many more!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Like mother, like daughter :)

We went to Costco to do our usual grocery shopping but since it is Christmas season, the warehouse was full of toys and Christmas decor that as soon as we went inside, Eulla's eyes lit up. As we were walking along different aisles, she noticed a horse. She kept asking if she can try it but her Dad and I insisted that we finish up out list first then come back to it. We must have passed by it several times and she just could not stop asking. So finally, as we were closed to finishing our list, I asked Eumir if I can just take her to the horse while he finishes up the list. After about 5 minutes, Eumir calls and asked to meet him at the cashier. I told Eulla to say bye bye to the horse and she did sadly. Once we were at the cash register, she could not stop talking about it. When she saw that I was almost done paying she had tears in her eyes and had her hands clasp saying "Mom, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEAASE!" Eumir saw and I asked him what should we do. Just in time, Eumir said okay. So they both hurriedly rushed to the toy aisle and Eumir of course looked at it really well if it was worth it but he can no longer say NO. Eulla was so excited, her happiness quickly went around the store. While I was at the front waiting, I already heard people that worked there talking about a little girl being so enthusiastic about buying a horse.


My goodness, while I paid for it Eulla kept telling everyone around her that it was her horse and that we were taking her horse home. Everyone we saw was so happy for her. We had never seen Eulla so excited about a toy. This will be her Christmas gift which she got early. We just hoped that she doesn't get used to getting what she wants every time.

The horse makes different sounds and animates. Wags its tail and even shakes/nods head.
Well, what can I say, like mother, like daughter! Luckily, we have a wonderful, as Eulla would say it..."SUPER DADDY!"


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Sunday, November 16, 2008

For our 2nd baby

I could not resist not buying for our 2nd baby girl at babyGAP because they were having an awesome SALE! Although I've already prepared Eulla's hand me downs, I was still able to find some stuff that I might possibly need.

Baby Girl Ruanto's going home outfit from the hospital
(From Pumpkin Patch and babyGAP)

So here I am, posting baby clothes again for the second time! I also ended up buying Eulla her Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year outfit so just watch out for my little fashionista!


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Saturday, November 15, 2008

California Wild Fire

We had two parties to attend to but the fire in Sylmar kept us waiting. The first party we were supposed to go to is my younger sister Florizel's baby shower/birthday party which was held at Santa Clarita. The second one was Isabella's 6th birthday at Palmdale. Both parties, we had to take the 14 freeway which was closed due to the fire.

Along the 14 freeway. Taken while we were on the 5 freeway at 4:40pm

Around 4:30pm, they flashed that the 14 freeway was open so we decided to leave my parents house by then. But as soon as we got to the 14, it was still closed! We ended up taking the 5 freeway heading Valencia and took the surface road to Santa Clarita. We were too late for the shower but stayed there for about an hour and headed to Palmdale for a children's party. We ended up seeing some small fire along the freeway. We got to Palmdale around 7pm and stayed there till 9:30pm.
The kids had so much fun.Isabella and EullaDaddy and Eulla while Isabella was blowing her cake

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Friday, November 14, 2008

3rd Year Well Baby Check Up & Flu Shot

Eulla's appointment was at 10am. We waited a few minutes before we were called. Eulla ended up going potty before it was her turn so she was able to see a few kids crying in the rooms. I think it kind of scared her but as soon as we were called, Eulla was okay.

The nurse checked Eulla's weight, height, blood pressure and tried to ask her a few things on the eye chart which she did fairly well, only one mistake because it was a collage. When it was time to do the hearing test, she did not want to put on the head seat all though, it was not required till her 4th year, the nurse just tried because she was cooperating so well.

After all that, we were brought to a room for Eulla's shots. Eulla got scared because I think she remembers that room to be "the shot" room but Daddy quickly told her that if she cooperated, he will open one of her Disney princess castle when we got home. Shortly after, she did what was asked. After the examine, Dr. Farrohi prepared her flu shot and without a single tear, Eulla watched the needle to be poked on her left arm while Daddy was holding her. She didn't even fight it. I was too scared to look so I had my back turned on them the whole time. We were so proud of our little toddler! She did such a great job. We had to reward her.
Weight: 31 3/4lbs
Height: (I need to get it from the nurse. I will update this)

After Eulla's appointment, we went to my doctor's appointment (11:30am). The baby's heartbeat was nice and strong. We are getting to closer and closer to our mark. Dr. Reyes said that it was still okay to walk around just as long as I am not carrying anything heavy. Eumir wanted to make sure because we planned to go to the mall to have lunch and shop a little.


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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I know, I know!

All I can say is I know! I know that I said that the iPhone was the last electronic gadget I was going to ask from Eumir this year because the economy is so bad right now but I coudn't resist it. I had to nag him about it for more than an hour till he said YES! I was so relieved when he did. These are the best times when its nice to be pregnant. Like what they always say, you cannot upset a pregnant wife!
I finally got my new SONY Cybershot DSC-T700. It is so pretty! It has a 3.5 screen and it has a touchable screen like the iPhone. Best of all, it replaces my old SONY T7 and yet still has the same slim look!Again and again, thank you so much LOVE! I love you!


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Sunday, November 09, 2008

EULLA is 3 years old!

I can't believe our little girl is now THREE years old. Eulla is a very talkative girl. She tries to communicate with sentences now. She likes to say "Eulla" instead of I or me. She knows her colors and she recently changed her favorite color from RED to PINK! She knows some of her shapes like triangle, circle and square. She can draw a happy face with eyes, a nose and a mouth. She loves to color and cut magazine pages with a pair of scissors. She also likes to pretend. She plays with her Disney Princess toys a lot. She loves to go to the mall and to her lolo 's house . Those are the places we always tell her we are going to when ever she's getting antsy. Then she relaxes and waits till we get to them. She has memorized the way to my parents house from our house. She knows if we have changed our route.

Eulla eats well. She likes her vegetables a lot more than meat. She likes broccoli (which she refers to as flowers), sitaw, and lettuce (from salads). She would prefer fish than steak or pork. But of course, she loves sour candies like starburst and skittles and prefers them more than chocolates.

Eulla loves to dance and sing. She always pulls her Daddy to dance with her when she hears a song that she loves. She knows how to operate the iPod touch on her own. She calls it her iPhone. She loves to copycat.

Happy 3rd Birthday to our little princess!

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Eulla's Birthday Party

We were at Chuck e Cheese 15 minutes before her party started to finalize all the food that will be served. A little past 12pm, we started receiving guests. Eulla was excited to open up her gifts when she saw them. Too bad she didn't get her afternoon nap, as she was very cranky and sleepy by 2pm. We had to open up a gift she had her eye on just to please her. We blew her cake at 2:10pm and its was such a nice greeting because everyone joined and cheered along. We had so much fun!
After Chuck e cheese, the rest of the family went to my parents house to eat dinner and have some filipino dessert.

Eulla with her Princess Tres Leches Cake

Thank you so much to everyone that came! Eulla loves all the gifts that were given. She could not wait to play with it.

Pictures posted at our multiply site.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voting Day

Well, today is voting day. It is Eumir's first time to vote in the United States so I had to insist that he votes at the assigned polling place for him so that he can experience it. As for me, I still have not changed my voting address, so I had to vote near my parents house. Next time, we will just mail our vote!

Of course, by the time we were voting, we already had a hint that our main guy was winning, OBAMA! There was too many proposition to vote for so we had our sample ballot to make sure we remember what to vote.


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