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Friday, November 14, 2008

3rd Year Well Baby Check Up & Flu Shot

Eulla's appointment was at 10am. We waited a few minutes before we were called. Eulla ended up going potty before it was her turn so she was able to see a few kids crying in the rooms. I think it kind of scared her but as soon as we were called, Eulla was okay.

The nurse checked Eulla's weight, height, blood pressure and tried to ask her a few things on the eye chart which she did fairly well, only one mistake because it was a collage. When it was time to do the hearing test, she did not want to put on the head seat all though, it was not required till her 4th year, the nurse just tried because she was cooperating so well.

After all that, we were brought to a room for Eulla's shots. Eulla got scared because I think she remembers that room to be "the shot" room but Daddy quickly told her that if she cooperated, he will open one of her Disney princess castle when we got home. Shortly after, she did what was asked. After the examine, Dr. Farrohi prepared her flu shot and without a single tear, Eulla watched the needle to be poked on her left arm while Daddy was holding her. She didn't even fight it. I was too scared to look so I had my back turned on them the whole time. We were so proud of our little toddler! She did such a great job. We had to reward her.
Weight: 31 3/4lbs
Height: (I need to get it from the nurse. I will update this)

After Eulla's appointment, we went to my doctor's appointment (11:30am). The baby's heartbeat was nice and strong. We are getting to closer and closer to our mark. Dr. Reyes said that it was still okay to walk around just as long as I am not carrying anything heavy. Eumir wanted to make sure because we planned to go to the mall to have lunch and shop a little.


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