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Saturday, November 15, 2008

California Wild Fire

We had two parties to attend to but the fire in Sylmar kept us waiting. The first party we were supposed to go to is my younger sister Florizel's baby shower/birthday party which was held at Santa Clarita. The second one was Isabella's 6th birthday at Palmdale. Both parties, we had to take the 14 freeway which was closed due to the fire.

Along the 14 freeway. Taken while we were on the 5 freeway at 4:40pm

Around 4:30pm, they flashed that the 14 freeway was open so we decided to leave my parents house by then. But as soon as we got to the 14, it was still closed! We ended up taking the 5 freeway heading Valencia and took the surface road to Santa Clarita. We were too late for the shower but stayed there for about an hour and headed to Palmdale for a children's party. We ended up seeing some small fire along the freeway. We got to Palmdale around 7pm and stayed there till 9:30pm.
The kids had so much fun.Isabella and EullaDaddy and Eulla while Isabella was blowing her cake

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