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Friday, November 28, 2008

Doorbuster Black Friday SALE

Though I am already 34 weeks pregnant, we still planned to get a peak of what was out there for the black Friday sale. I was up in the peak of dawn because I have not been sleeping very well since I hit 30 weeks of my pregnancy so it was perfect!

It was still so foggy. Poor Eulla had to get up early with us and we just basically bribed her to get out of bed.
Eulla having fun at Topanga Mall

We went to Topanga Mall, Target, Sports Authority, Toys r us and Babies r us. By the time I got to Babies r us at Porter Ranch, I could no longer stand up straight so we decided to go home. My back hurted so much even though I was wearing my maternity back support. The sale was not what I expected. It was better last year and the year before. I did not finish much of my Christmas list. I just ended up buying stuff for me, Eulla and the little one.

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